A Path Away From Political Failure

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America has entered a political era in which our government is paralyzed and unable to move toward effective solutions to the challenges that threaten to doom America's future, such as the convergence of steep debt, entitlement spending, and overwhelming foreign competition and advantage.

But, there is a path through this political wilderness which can reinstate a future with hope, and confidence of meeting those challenges, but, the path must be embarked upon without delay.

The path out of the wilderness is this: Democrats vote out ineffective and corrupted Democrat incumbents and replace them with Democrat freshman, committed to not making the mistakes of their predecessors. The same path must be taken by Republican voters to save their own party from the powerful and corrupted incumbents who rely upon the legal bribery and blackmail for reelection with the dollars of wealthy special interests. Special interests whose agendas care not for America's future, but today's profits and personal enrichment, at the expense of America's future.

Independent voters of both liberal and conservative leanings stand ready to assist Democrats and Republicans with this house cleaning by voting out incumbents who have been corrupted by the power of wealthy special interest lobbyists. But, it is up to the party's voters to effectively clean house in their own party, and demand responsibility, ethical behavior, and most important, bipartisan solutions to the challenges facing our nation; for without those, our nation shall surely falter.

Voting out incumbents, even of your own party, is the power and authority our Founding Fathers and Constitution granted to the voters to insure that corrupted and ineffective politicians would not take the nation to the brink of disaster for personal political or unethical gains. But that is where the current majority of federal politicians are taking our nation.

It is a Constitutional mandate that the voters take control of their politicians and install the kind of fresh politicians needed, with a sense of national, not personal mission, to save our country, for themselves, for us, and for their, and our, children and grandchildren. They are a great many people in America who love her, and would serve the nation's future instead of the special interests, if they saw that this was what the majority of voters would vote for.

It is up to the us, the voters, to create the political environment of intolerance for corruption, ineptitude, and unethical behavior in government, that will invite bright, talented, and committed freshman politicians to run for office with the intent of cementing of bi-partisan soundly rational solutions to our nation's challenges. It is up to us to vote out the incumbents to make room for decent committed politicians once again.

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