Corruption Steals More Taxpayer Millions

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Tax payers are being ripped off in the billions by incompetent and deceptive politicians in cahoots with deceptive private contractors. In this ongoing saga of corruption and abuse of taxpayers, the Washington Post sheds light on yet another story in which Sun Microsystems is alleged to have bilked tax payers out of millions of dollars under the blind eye of politicians and staffers.

We know that far more than 9 billion tax payer dollars have been lost to mis-management and corruption by private interests in Iraq. The credit industry is finding ways to suckle tax payer dollars to offset the sub-prime mortgage industry deceptive practices and now growing losses. Lobbyists who insure legislation that would solve American problems is so compromised that the problems linger without solution, have cost American tax payers trillions.

The illegal immigration legislation of the late 1980's was a case in point, in which special wealthy interests insured that the solution was no solution, but, merely a kicking of the can down the road to today, where we find the problem has grown to epic proportions. And the lobbyists for cheap illegal immigrant labor have their hands all over this new Senate Bill as evidenced by the fact that the bill contemplates a border barrier of only 570 miles along a 2000 mile border. This leaves 3/4 of the border wide open to insure illegal immigrant labor is accessible by corporate construction and agricultural firms who hired the lobbyists to force a water downed, compromised illegal immigration bill.

If this so called comprehensive illegal immigration bill passes, it will cost American tax payers more than a quarter trillion dollars, and not solve the problem. But, the lobbying industries will profit from not solving the problem, and that is what counts. It counts, because those lobbyists have the money to bribe and blackmail incumbent politicians seeking reelection in 2008 and 2010 and who will need the lobbyists campaign contributions and backing to insure reelection.

The politicians win, the profiteers win, and the tax payers lose by being forced to pay for yet another non-solution to a costly American problem, yet one more time. It must stop. But, it can only be stopped by voters who take it upon themselves to vote for challengers against incumbents, repeatedly, election after election, until the challengers themselves recognize their is nothing to be gained by accepting the campaign bribes and blackmail of wealthy special interests.

Only then will America begin to solve her problems on a permanent basis by passing laws which remove legal bribery and blackmail by wealthy special interests from our halls of government, and criminalize such activity with stiff and mandatory sentencing for the lobbyist, their corporate or individual sponsor, and the politicians involved. That is a day to hope for, work for, and teach our children to live for. A day when government in America is restored to one of the people, by the people, and for the people, as opposed to the current system of being of the lobbyists, by the lobbyists, and for the lobbyist special wealthy interests.

Lobbying was intended to be a matter of writing or phoning a politician to express one's view or interest. It was never intended to be a sophisticated blackmail and bribery system in which politician's careers were bought and sold on the lobbyist open market place, made legal and protected by corrupt laws that steal the democracy out of our democratic republic.

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