Illegal Immigration Amnesty: Emergency!

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A bill is coming to be voted on in the Houses of Congress beginning next Monday. It is an amnesty bill for 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants, and has no chance of preventing a new massive influx of illegal immigrants. To see Sen. Kennedy and Pres. Bush on the same ticket like this is a bit bewildering. But, that the White House and Democratic Congress would attempt to sell out the American citizen's way of life and undermine the rule of law, yet again, borders on the criminal.

Republican supporters for the bill say it is not an amnesty, but, it contains a path for illegals to become citizens without going to the end of legal immigration line. That is amnesty. Democrats supporting the bill say it will contain border security. But, Duncan Hunter says it will cut his proposed fence mileage in half. That is not border security. 155,000 illegal aliens intercepted in 2005 DID NOT come from Mexico, but, places like China, the Middle East, and S.E. Asia. If we intercepted 155,000, that means very likely another 155,000 made it through. No wonder our CIA and NSA say the terrorists are already here, Hamas, Hezbollah, and al-Queda.

As Roy Beck, President of NumbersUSA writes: The amnesty compromise has been reached (at least 95% of it, anyway). Sen. Kennedy (D-Mass.), Sen. Kyl (R-Ariz.) and Pres. Bush have negotiated a grand compromise between those who wanted a massive increase in foreign workers and those who wanted a blanket amnesty for illegal aliens and virtually unlimited family chain migration. Nobody involved represented the American people's interest in immigration reductions.

Senators are admitting privately that the bill will increase the number of greencards (for permanent settlement) by 20 million over the next 13 years. Added to the number that will be given out based on current law, that means 30-35 million greencards in just the next 13 years!

Democrats want to see all those new immigrants become voters because they reckon on past history, that at least 75% will vote Democrat. The White House wants to protect business interests, especially agricultural, service, and construction industries (Republican supporters), by insuring a steady stream of cheap labor which won't organize or demand much in the way of benefits. Some think tankers are arguing that if we grow in population like China, we can resolve the entitlement crisis in part by constantly adding an ever growing population to our tax paying work force.

Those are the very powerful special interests pushing this legislative compromise between the Congress and White House. But, who is speaking for the American workers who will see their wages depressed, their benefits evaporate, their jobs handed over to those asking less wages? And who is speaking for the children who will be influenced or incorporated into the ever growing gang networks now beginning to plague every large urban area in America?

And who is speaking for the taxpayers who are going to foot the bill for a vastly increased entitlement demand, not only by the current illegals availing themselves of social services, but the next wave lured by the amnesty, as well as the workers who will foot the bill for the retirement benefits of these new illegal immigrants when they retire in 30 to 50 years? The answer is: You will have to speak for yourself by calling your Representatives in the House and Senate and demand that this legislation not be passed. Nothing short of a mass citizen call-in to Congress can defeat this measure. Speak up, or pay up. The choice is yours.

For a directory of your Congress persons to call, click on this link to Project Vote Smart. In the upper left column you can look up your representatives contact information. Speak up, or pay the price for generations to come.

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