Wal-Mart in Bed with Democrats

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Wal-Mart, once heckled by Democrats for treatment of its working poor, is now in bed, if not sleeping, with Democrats in some very prominent ways. The Washington Post runs an article on this topic of great interest to those who thought corruption in government might get better under Democrats.

As it appears to turn out, Democrats are no more immune to accepting corporate bribes than Republicans were. The big unanswered question though is, will all this lavish support of Democratic interests translate into legislation benefiting the corporate giant to the detriment of its employees, consumers and local residents? It is one thing to take bribe money, it is another thing to deliver what the bribe intended to purchase. Democrats are taking Wal-Mart's money. Will they deliver quid pro quo on legislation favorable to Wal-Mart?

As much as the Iraq War, corruption and ethics scandals cost Republicans control of Congress in November of 2006. Voters are sensitive to these issues now, and Democrats don't appear to be very mindful of this fact. With Democrats continuing to foster the political career of William Jefferson, the Representative from Louisiana who was stung by the FBI with $90,000 of bribe money in his freezer, and Hillary taking in millions from special interests with both hands, and now Democrats bedding down with Wal-Mart, one has to wonder if anyone in the Democratic Party is minding the party image?

If these kinds of actions continue, voters would do well to keep the dust from collecting on their anti-incumbent voting finger. They may need it fresh and flexible in 2008.

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