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A Lying Senator

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There is a liar in the ranks of Republican Senators as discovered this week. There is no doubt a Republican Senator anonymously halted legislation on the floor of the Senate as Sen. Lamar Alexander's (R) objection attests. But, now, every Republican Senator has denied being the anonymous Bill stopper. That makes one of them a liar.

Since the 1960's, there is a growing frequency in upset individuals using their 2nd Amendment access right to guns to mow down numbers of people. America is hands down the most gun violent nation in the world. NY City alone with 8 million people has 100's of times more gun violence than all of Great Britain and Wales, despite Great Britain having several times more people than NYC.

Don Imus's reckless, condescending and racially derogatory remarks are losing the spotlight to the reaction to them. One man made foul remarks about good people in a poor and unthinking attempt at street-common humor. He apologized, profusely, and repeatedly. He got fired - he wasn't hired to not think before opening his mouth. It was just. That is all there is to that story. Now the bigger story is unfolding.

Wal-Mart, once heckled by Democrats for treatment of its working poor, is now in bed, if not sleeping, with Democrats in some very prominent ways. The Washington Post runs an article on this topic of great interest to those who thought corruption in government might get better under Democrats.

The President said today he would veto a bill providing for his request for funding continuing Iraq and Afghanistan operations. The Congress is about to give the President all he asked for and more, including a deadline for scaling back troop deployments and redefining the mission to one of support, as opposed to occupation. This poker hand between the Congress and the President is becoming a high stakes political game.

While Democrats may not know it, they are sitting on a winning bluff with the White House. However, as all poker players know, it requires skill, knowledge, and some intestinal fortitude to win on a bluff. Here is the deal.


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