Politics Should Not Be A Team Sport

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Politics is NOT a team sport. In a team sport, one team wins, many others lose, but, the slate is wiped clean the following season and everyone has another chance. The future of the sport is not at risk.

That is not the case with politics. When one party wins, and the others lose, the nation's future can be jeopardized and the majority of the people lose representation.

About 1/3 of registered voters are Democrat, 1/3 Republican, and the other third are independents or third party voters. When one party wins, the majority of Americans lose representation.

We have just witnessed the enormous damage and cost of one party winning with all others losing. The Republicans, as a virtual one party government until Nov. of last year, in just a few short years brought enormous harm and cost to our nation and her people. Let's list some of these:

  • A near doubling of our national debt
  • Enormous trade deficits over 3/4 of a trillion dollars on an annual basis
  • Large increases in the size of government and waste, fraud, and abuse
  • Erosion of our Constitutional system, Bill of Rights, respect for law and justice.
  • Serious undermining of international respect, cooperation, and public opinion about the U.S.
  • Failure to support and increase educational quality and achieve competitive advantage
  • Complete failure to address enormous crises coming our way like Soc. Sec, Medicare, and global climate change

This list is much longer, but these are the largest. I list these not to indict the Republican Party as the only party capable of such incompetence and lack of responsibility in leadership. If we had seen a Democrat one party government during the same period, a whole other set of debilitating problems would have ensued. One party government is not healthy for America, especially in these times when the more extreme elements of the parties control many of the items for the party's agendas.

And there is the rub. Political parties have but one overarching motive, to attain one party dominance in government. This has to be their overarching goal, because without dominance in the form of one party rule, they are forced into compromise and away from their philosophical agenda. Where does this leave the goal of resolving the nation's problems and protecting the nation, and enhancing her future? Where does that leave as many as 2/3 of the voters who don't share in the one party's philosophy? In the back seat without a driver's license.

In a democracy, even a democratic republic, the people are supposed to set the long term agenda and values, and the government is supposed to devise the best way to fulfill that agenda. But, in America today, politics has become a team sport, where the goal of the main party voters and leaders alike, is to insure their team wins, regardless of the damage done to the nation or the whole of her population.

Political parties are useful in setting out philosophical value systems from which the voters may choose as the times warrant. But, the self-serving nature of our political parties today, and their consumption of vast financial and governmental resources for the purpose of allowing their team to win, are wasting away America's future through neglect and inability of the teams to work together to solve the nation's problems.

Barring unforeseen events, we are on the path toward another one party government; this time controlled by the Democrats. Like the pendulum of a grandfather clock, power swings back and forth in a partial arc. And this is very, very bad for America. The reason is our future stretches out before us, like a road demanding that we travel down it; not endlessly crossing it back and forth like the chicken which can't make up its mind which side of the road to be on.

We the voters can change all this. We can, and are, in larger numbers, becoming independent voters who choose to cast our votes for the individual candidate and their reflection of our priorities, and not for a party which seeks to serve only itself and power. Still, approximately 2/3 of the voters are still playing championship season with politics and ignoring the dark clouds on the horizon.

Vote Out Incumbents Democracy (VOID) and other similar organizations, assisted voters in amassing their resolve to vote out irresponsible, incompetent, and unethical incumbents in November of 2006 who serve party over the people. But, these organizations must continue to reach ever larger numbers of voters and assist them in understanding that politics is not a team sport, but, an immensely important responsibility toward our nation's and her people's present and future.

Those of you who are already sold, must do more than just vote out bad incumbents. For your vote to turn things around for the better, your vote must be joined by millions of other voters who have acquired the wisdom and knowledge you have. We must change the NFL mentality of politics in America.

America's future depends on us who, see what's wrong with our political system, and how to improve it, stepping forward to shoulder the cost of sharing our understanding with 10's of millions of other voters. That takes money, and volunteers, and grass root organization. Where are these to come from, if not from you? Find an organization like Common Cause, Independent Voting, or, VOID and donate / volunteer, and end NFL politics in America.


When people vote the majority inherently loses representation. Only about half the country votes in a presidential election (less in other races). Of that half, only half "win". So it's a minority of the minority that actually wins.

But that is how our Constitution and our political system is set up. Your argument is inherently flawed because when there is more than one party someone always loses. Like our legal system we have what's called an adversarial system.

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