Freedom, Jessica Lunsford, and America

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She was 9 years old. Abducted from her bed in the middle of the night by a pedophile with a record of such crimes, she was terrorized, tied up with speaker wire, sexually molested and tortured, and suffocated. The perpetrator then discarded her body like garbage, used up, and no longer of any use to him. Jessica Lunsford is no longer with us.

We as Americans should never forget this young girl's name or, the terror and horror she experienced in her last remaining hours with us, her society, charged with her protection and care. America failed this innocent young girl, and many, many thousands of other boys and girls, women and men, who are subjected to similar kinds of terror, torture, humiliation, degradation, and too often death, at the hands of a society that profits in the billions of dollars each year from the exploitation of desire and want.

Let me be absolutely clear here. The perpetrator of Jessica Lunsford's horrible end, made a decision and acted on it. There is no defense for his actions by trying to blame society for who he became. For even if the case is made that the perpetrator is a product of the society in which he was raised and conditioned, that case in no way alleviates his responsibility as the decider of his own actions. At best, the argument can only be made that both the perpetrator and his society are responsible for Jessica Lunsford's last terrible night alive. We can punish the perpetrator, remove him from society, but do we not also bear the responsibility for insuring others like him are not produced allowed to roam free amongst us?

Every great society since the earliest recorded times, which fell, saw its fall preceded by a decay and abandon of responsibility (the ability to respond appropriately) by growing segments of its population who mistook freedom as freedom to appease their appetites in any manner that sated them. Gluttony was a hallmark of Rome in its decline, open and state sponsored enslaved prostitution of children and adults of both sexes preceded the fall of Ancient Greece and Rome. All great societies saw abandonment of basic human dignity which evolves from close knit communities and agriculturally based family neighborhoods, precede their decline as a society.

America's advertising and marketing industry has created the greatest exploitive industry of human dignity the world has ever seen. One cannot watch TV, listen to radio, drive a highway, or walk a city street without seeing the pedaling of sex, desire, and want in the vast majority of commercials, billboards, and advertising signs. The psychological effect of billions of dollars spent each year to whet but, not satisfy, appetites for wealth, sexual gratification, and gluttony take a toll on members of our society who for whatever reasons, have lost or, never acquired self-control and selective discrimination regarding what influences their passions, motivation, and behavior.

This effect of our marketing and advertising industry on the mentally and emotionally weakest of our population, is treated as the cost of doing business. Jessica Lunsford's life was the cost of doing business in a society overwhelmed and inundated by sexual advertising and teasing. This industry touts wide eyed baby faced, and under-developed models as a beckon to arousal toward the youngest in our society. This industry has made youth a commodity to be sought and yes, tragically, consumed and discarded as Jessica Lunsford's lifeless body was. Our divorce courts are filled with couples painfully yielding to the weaker partner's desire for a younger more unspoiled partner.

Freedom to exploit human beings for personal gain comes in many forms. Many Americans would argue that America, since the Civil Rights Act, no longer engages in slavery or exploitation of fellow Americans based on race, gender, or creed. But, they are deluded and factually wrong. Corporations exploit labor. Union leadership often exploits union members. The marketing and advertising industry exploits the gender of women and girls for profit, and our government exploits illegal immigrants for political purposes.

The ACLU exploits the Bill of Rights to defend pornography and pedophilia in marketing and advertising as "freedom of speech", failing to recognize that freedom comes with responsibility at all levels of society, not just the individual. Our politicians exploit the criminal behavior within our prison and jail system as a deterrent to citizens ever risking arrest and detainment, all the while turning a blind eye to the violence, gangs, and rapes that take place within our so called, correctional institutions.

America began as a dream of uplifting and protecting human and individual dignity and worth. It remains a dream unfulfilled. To herald and revere monetary success while depriving access to it to the majority of its citizens, is a catastrophe in the making. To market and sell products based on models appearing underage and ripe for seduction through the purchase of a product is a clear path to growing child molestation and exploitation. To herald democracy and majority rule by every politician at every level while governing according to the whims and desires of the most wealthy and influential is political revolution in the making.

It is long past time Americans united to create integrity in what America stands for, lives for, and acts according to. We can no longer afford to keep prostitution illegal while marketing sex on every billboard and commercial. Either make prostitution a legal, safe, and responsible industry, or end the marketing of cars and toothpastes based on sexual excitement and desire. We cannot afford to have it both ways anymore. The terrorized, tortured, and murdered Jessica Lunsfords of our society demand that America grow up and become responsible for this nation's actions and consequences of them.

Decadence precedes the fall of all great nations in history. Is decadence and the decay of the value of human worth a necessary component of America's free enterprise system and its entrepreneurial paradigm? Is the degradation of fellow Americans a natural and predictable consequence of freedom of speech and protecting individual liberty? I don't think it needs to be this way.

But, I know that this issue is up to the people to correct at the ballot box. Those who make billions exploiting human psyches, sexual appearance, and youth have the best lawyers money can buy to insure they continue to make billions of dollars in this manner. They will fight us, the people, with every dollar at their disposal. After all, what is the cost of Jessica Lunsford's torture and death to them?

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