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Politics is NOT a team sport. In a team sport, one team wins, many others lose, but, the slate is wiped clean the following season and everyone has another chance. The future of the sport is not at risk.

That is not the case with politics. When one party wins, and the others lose, the nation's future can be jeopardized and the majority of the people lose representation.

Below are some quotes I believe are relevant and suited to our time. Some famous, some not. But, all worth healthy debate on their applicability to our current state of government and politics. Which do you believe is most relevant?

Politicians pay to stay in office. The People pay if they do. --V.O.I.D.

Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it, misdiagnosing it, and then misapplying the wrong remedies. --Groucho Marx

Back on June 10, 2006, I advised 401K investors to get out of the Stock Market. My opinion was based on an article, which rang so true, by Jon Markman about a looming housing meltdown. I was right, because he was right. The meltdown is happening.

Curbs are in on the stock exchanges limiting how many stocks can be sold. Reason: to prevent the stock market bottom from falling out and allow panic to dissipate. The Dow is down over 240 points today, over 650 points in recent weeks. In June when I wrote the article referenced above, the Dow was at 10,892. As of now it is at 12,075. 401K investors are still ahead of the game from June of last year, but, not by a lot. And the ripple effects are not over.

She was 9 years old. Abducted from her bed in the middle of the night by a pedophile with a record of such crimes, she was terrorized, tied up with speaker wire, sexually molested and tortured, and suffocated. The perpetrator then discarded her body like garbage, used up, and no longer of any use to him. Jessica Lunsford is no longer with us.

We as Americans should never forget this young girl's name or, the terror and horror she experienced in her last remaining hours with us, her society, charged with her protection and care. America failed this innocent young girl, and many, many thousands of other boys and girls, women and men, who are subjected to similar kinds of terror, torture, humiliation, degradation, and too often death, at the hands of a society that profits in the billions of dollars each year from the exploitation of desire and want.


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