B of A to Issue Credit to Illegals

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Lou Dobbs of CNN just reported that Bank of America has announced it will extend credit cards to illegal aliens in this country. In this latest and most blatant example of how capitalists have no allegiance to country or law, the issue of regulation is again raised. Pro-capitalist purists say it is none of the government's business who they give cards to. Moderates on the issue say supporting and abetting the breaking of our nation's laws demands government response.

The irony is many of those who support Bank of America's decision are the very same who argue that the non-binding resolution against escalating the war in Iraq, is aiding and abetting the enemy. Apparently, Bank of America and their supporters do not view criminals, those who violate our laws, as the enemy. How very profitable for them, eh?

If you agree with Bank of America's decision, you may want to consider making a donation to your local Libertarian Party. If you oppose this action, you may want to consider emailing or calling your representative and demand some banking oversight and regulation on this issue. It is clear that those who oppose employers hiring illegals, should logically oppose Bank of America funding their stay here.

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