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Independent parties are springing up like dandelions after a warm Spring rain. Some are very religiously based spin offs of the Constitution Party like the Independent American Party and the American Independent Party of California. Some take a very non-ideological approach like the oldest Independent Party which has been around since 1934. And some are very democratic (small 'd') oriented, focusing intensely on restoring democratic processes and principles, like the Independence Party of New York.

But, there is a new wrinkle to these largely marginalized parties few have ever heard of that may change all that. That new wrinkle comes in the form of very intelligent unifying efforts. With so many independent parties with differing agendas, they remained localized and marginalized because they had no unity with other independent parties and no common platform. That is changing quite rapidly.

It is likely no coincidence either, that these rapid unification changes occur at the same time the numbers of self-described independent voters are reaching new highs in the American population. At the heart of both these phenomenon is a vast and deeply abiding distrust and disappointment in both the Democratic and Republican Parties, or the Republocrat Party.

Nearly all the independent parties in existence today view the Democratic and Republican Parties as more alike than different when it comes to basic issues of governance, and these commonalities qualify their reference as the Republocrats, as if they were one and the same. If one looks at how they perform, and ignore what they say, it becomes obvious why independents regard Republocrats as a single entity. Republocrats have the following historical track record in common:

  • Deficit spending and debt as a tool to keeping power. Republocrats act as though buying voters off with spending on future generation's taxes is perfectly acceptable. Independent's view this behavior as a gross insult toward the principle of insuring all parent's hopes of leaving their children a better world and opportunities than the parent's experienced.

  • Divide and conquer. Republocrats campaign on, and govern toward the differences between Americans, dividing Americans on issues which are meaningless if the future is not cared for and protected. What is gained by the abortion debate if a billion people in the world suffer and die of dehydration and starvation and exposure due to lack of drinking water, food, and housing? What value is there in debating whether entitlement spending should be cut or charity should be completely a private activity, if America is unable to halt the flow of good paying jobs and industries overseas, all the while importing immigrant labor to compete for ever lower wages and employer benefits in jobs increasingly designed to serve service workers and business labor infrastructure?

  • International boogeymen. Republocrats divide Americans on the issue of foreign affairs as if to hide the terror growing within our own population. Where in this country is a woman safe walking to a friends house after dusk alone? Isn't the very thought of a wife and mother walking after dark to a friends house some 10 blocks away terrifying for both men and women? There are urban areas in places like Los Angeles and Detroit where police don't even want to go after dark.

    Republocrats use the international terrorist as a smoke screen against the terror being home grown right here in the USA. Who in their right mind would not be terrified at the prospect of being mistakenly arrested and detained in a holding cell for 24 hours in an American jail? And what of the terror every parent experiences when their child is discovered to have wandered off out of sight in a public place? Republocrats find it easier and more expedient to focus on the terrorist over there, rather than the millions of American predators who terrorize individuals and families right here at home, from employers, to crack addicts, to pedophiles, to bullies on our school buses.

  • Wealth vs the people.

    Republocrats, for all their rhetoric about the people, are really only concerned first and foremost with a very, very small percentage of the people, those with wealth to contribute to their reelection campaigns. This is one of the most pervasive and unifying themes of all the various independent parties: that wealth through campaign donations and lobbyists corrupt American government and the political system so completely as to make the majority will and interests of the people irrelevant.

Having discovered these unifying themes, many industrious independent leaders are now forging a unified coalition of Independent Voters that is going to dominate American politics in years ahead. There will be stumbling blocks, and hurdles to overcome, and not all local independent parties will want to climb on this unified Independent platform bandwagon. But, in the end, there is nowhere else for rational, intelligent, and responsible independent American voters to go.

Leading the way is The Committee for a Unified Independent Party, Inc. (CUIP) and their efforts at Independent Voting dot Org. Their organization is "a national strategy center and organizing hub that designs and executes cutting edge tactics to develop America's growing independent movement. Founded in 1994, CUIP mounts political, legal, legislative and organizing challenges to partisan control of the political process. It has pioneered methods of organizing independents without a political party, creating independent voter associations to project the voice of the 35% of the electorate that considers itself independent."

With names like Lenora Fulani (a founder), and their hero, that 'Unreasonable Man' Ralph Nader, prominent in their references, this organization has much work ahead of it. But it is working through the courts and the FEC to open the process and level the playing field for unified independent organizations, and possibly even a party to come into being to shape a new political phenomena.

Whether that phenomena comes in the form of a political party or a coalition of issue oriented groups of independent voters, remains to be seen. But, there appears to be nothing standing in the way of such an organization being realized, since it is driven by approximately 35% of the voters. That large a constituency is equal to the size and number of constituents of either the Democratic or Republican parties. That large a constituency will not be denied for very long.

If you are an independent voter seeking to make your voice heard, now is the time to Google search your State's name with the words 'Independent Party' added to it. Join and support other Independent voters and your voice will find its megaphone through such organizations. If you don't like the platform of your local Independent Party, start your own, and support The Committee for a Unified Independent Party. Independent voters have seen the future, and the future is now. Change must occur if our nation is to move back to its historical goals, peace, security, prosperity, and freedom. Government was always intended to foster those goals, not impede them as it so often does today to benefit a few.

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