Campaign Finance Reform Dead

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With a slew of Democratic candidates announcing and pondering a run for the presidency in 2008, with Sen. Hillary Clinton refusing to reveal the names of her million dollar campaign raisers, (she already has raised $100 million), with Sen. John McCain now making a run of his own and in need of some big bucks from some big donors, I hereby officially declare campaign finance reform Dead! No doubt, there will be dancing in the aisles of Congress when they read this.

And because it is dead in the hearts and minds of incumbents of both parties, it is going to take an outsider to try to breathe new life into the issue on behalf of voters and our democratic republic. Nader PhotoThere is speculation that Ralph Nader may become a late announcer; not that he would win but, to give voice to millions of voters whose agenda's have been thrown overboard by the incumbent politicians and presidential candidates. He has a new book out, The 17 Traditions: Ralph Nader, about the traditional values he grew up with. It will be on bookshelves Feb. 15. It is already receiving critical acclaim and being discussed on TV political news channels.

Will there be other voices of reason? Recently there was a conference of Independent candidates and organizations aired on C-Span, in which, despite the divide over many issues, a remarkable amount of unity and common purpose were touted and respected by all. It was sponsored by Committee for a Unified Independent Party, or, CUIP for short which is affiliated with Independent Voter.Org.

I believe we will be hearing much from them as time goes on. I highly recommend clicking on their web site above, and checking them out to see if their purpose is one you can support.


Nader looks pretty funny in that picture.

Calling all independents, should probably be the caption.

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