State of the Union - Bankrupt the Nation!

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The President, once again, displayed a horrible lack of knowledge and inability to lead the country in the right direction in his State of the Union Speech this evening. He recited a long list of new foreign and domestic spending programs without once uttering a word as to how they would be paid for. Glaringly, the President proposed, no new taxes, spend, spend, spend, and almost in the same breath, let's balance the budget after he leaves office.

Since, the President said up front there should be no tax increases, we can set that aside as a given. Also, we can set aside as a given his proposal to balance the budget in 5 years. Now for the rest of the speech full of new and more spending.

Expand health care coverage. The President proposed new federal spending to states who provide universal health care coverage for all their citizens. That is new spending.

The President said we must give all parents who wish, the opportunity to choose to send their children from failing schools to schools of their choice. That means more spending on school vouchers and charter schools.

The President said we must adopt a temporary work program for immigrants and provide employers what they need to determine who is legal and not. This means new spending for the temporary workers administration and ID cards which will have to be replaced as fast as counterfeiters can flood the illegal market with them.

The illegal aliens in this country, numbering between 12 and 20 million, are costing federal, state, and local governments more than they are paying in taxes. The President, while saying there should be no amnesty for illegal aliens, nonetheless said they must be provided citizenship opportunity. It's the same non-amnesty amnesty that has his Republican constituents hopping mad at the President. The process of giving them amnesty, identifying them, processing them, and tracking them on their path to citizenship (to issue new ID cards for counterfeit ones) is a whole new bureaucracy which will require new spending.

The President proposed doubling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve of the U.S. which will increase the spending for it by double.

The President proposed we adopt new nuclear energy. That is going to vastly increase spending for nuclear waste, which our government already has a massive spending problem with at Yucca Mt. The cost of federal oversight and licensing and safety inspections for nuclear power will also increase dramatically.

The President made no mention at all of securing our borders, which is going to be a huge spending item in barriers and technology. In the end, they will have to built as a result of the President's and Democrat's desire to grant amnesty, yet again, as incentive to millions more poor people to our South to cross over.

The President made no mention of the costs in Iraq, which must continue as a result of his resolve to keep spending our resources there, at least until he leaves office, and surely for many years thereafter, if only for border security for Iraqis which, he won't provide for Americans here at home.

The President proposed we increase the size of our military by 92,000 troops over the next 5 years. Yet, another enormous spending project.

Then there was the enigmatic Volunteer Reserve Corps, a new civilian agency of volunteers to serve overseas in our fight against terror. Another huge spending project, unless, the volunteers are all independently wealthy and willing to fund their own housing, meals, and security while volunteering overseas.

Then the President mentioned Iran, the new war to come, to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. This could prove far more costly than Iraq. A trillion or more dollars on this item alone.

The President listed a number of countries in which more American tax dollars must be sent to people in Darfur, other African nations, and to fight hunger and disease in all areas of the world in which al-Queda or similar groups may choose to make their home turf.

He said we must fully fund the Millennium Challenge Account. Yet, more spending.

The President said we must make Social Security and Medicare sustainable, without raising taxes, mind you. Now that is quite a trick especially for Medicare. Given that the crises lying ahead dictate only 3 options, the President said; raise taxes, cut benefits, or run deficits. Since, the President has ruled out raising taxes or deficits, it would appear the only option left is cutting benefits. This is in keeping with the President's statement about cutting spending.

This clearly however, is not the solution the American people are going to shine to. Social Security and Medicare benefits are minimal already. Ask any non wealthy person receiving them. Medical costs are skyrocketing. Therefore, the minimum costs of making these programs sustainable is also going to increase. So, the President is actually proposing increased spending here, since the programs are to be sustained, no new taxes are allowed, and cutting benefits by much will leave gaping holes at the bottom of the safety nets.

So, the President's speech was packed with new spending programs, bureaucracies, and investments overseas. But, no tax increases. And without tax increases, he says we must balance the budget in 5 years, which means no new borrowing or deficits. The President stated that much progress has been made in student test scores in science and math. Obviously, he was not including his own math scores in that statement.

If one could balance out the President's numbers, the equation would look like this, New taxes = 0, new spending for war, foreigners, oil reserves equals 2 trillion and up, and spending cuts = Soc. Sec. and Medicare benefits to our elderly, retired, and poor which ends these programs entirely if, the 2 trillion in new spending is paid for by cutting these benefits, (possibly the plan, all along). Not a pretty equation. Nor one the American people will even remotely consider acceptable.

This State of the Union speech demonstrates this President is out of touch with reality and lacks credibility on anything he proposes. Because, for nearly everything this President has proposed, they have proven inadequate at the very least, and many times, outright failures of policy and administration of them.

There was one bright spot in this speech tonight. The awareness that this President no longer has a Republican Congress to march in lock step with such incompetent and irresponsible thinking as went into this speech tonight.

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