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Courts and States are battling towns and counties across America who have enacted ordinances to restrict illegal aliens from everything from jobs to housing. So far, the towns and counties are losing. But, this issue is beginning to get folks really riled, especially toward the federal government whose abrogation of responsibility is breeding a growing dissent. Civil unrest may be just around the corner...

The L.A. Galaxy has hired a foreign soccer star for $50 million a year for five years. That should raise the mean income level a bit, so Americans can relax about wages and the economy. Capitalists are rejoicing at a new Dow Jones Industrial Average record, sparked by a higher than expected employment report. One has to begin asking how many illegal aliens are being included in those reported new hires statistics? The Bureau of Labor and Statistics will never tell.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California is backing universal health care coverage to include illegal aliens. Kind of like being handed a check and stabbed in the back at the same time for tax payers.

Apparently, California citizens don't mind picking up the tab for them that don't buy the cross border health insurance that is being offered by American companies to illegals. The twist is, the policy covers their health care if they return to Mexico for their treatments. So, let's see if I have this right. American insurance companies will sell illegals in this country health insurance policies if they will take their medical spending dollars to Mexico. Yep, sounds about right for Liberal California with a Republican Governor. Twisted.

The Bush Administration, seeing the Democratic Congress writing on the wall, has found a new way to funnel tax payer dollars to their corporate buddies, via the IRS. The NY Times reports: " I.R.S. agents are being pushed to prematurely close audits of big companies, a policy costing the government billions."

Well, after all, they only have two more years to get away with this kind of bilking of the Middle Class tax payers with corporate subsidies. Who can blame them. Get while the gettin's good, seems to be the Republican White House's motto, everywhere except Iraq. (Oops, I swore I wasn't going to mention that countries name in this article.)

Democrats are going to try force the government to negotiate lower drug prices for Medicare. Republicans of course, are against competitive bidding where government spending is concerned. The Wash. Post says however, that some Democrats are wary of tackling the pharmaceutical industry. Nothing new in this story.

And don't look for anymore media coverage of drug busts and activities in Mexico. Apparently, Mexican journalists are being killed or threatened if they report anything about the Drug Runners or their activities. Understandable, really. If the drug gangs can intimidate our National Guard to back off on our side of the border, what hope is their for reporters in Mexico, eh? Someone should send the drug lords the address for Fox News, eh?

That's it for all the news that shouldn't be.

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