Bush Speech: Constitutional Crisis !

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There was nothing new in President Bush's speech. Nothing! He is still contradicting his previous self. He still refuses to represent the American people, 7 out of 10 of whom, want our part in this Civil War to end. He is still replacing experience which disagrees with him, with new Generals who won't, for awhile. He is still committed to staying in Iraq until he leaves office. He is still willing to spend soldier's lives for his legacy. The only thing new is the constitutional crisis.

About two years ago Pres. Bush said increasing troops would make the Iraqis more dependent on Americans. A direct contradiction to his speech last night in which he calls for an escalation of our troops involvement while saying it will help the Iraqis get independent control.

After the initial invasion of Iraq, the Iraqi Army disappeared, and Bush allowed our troop compliment to drop, incrementally. It was a fatal mistake which has cost Iraq and American lives in the thousands. Now, the President is incrementally increasing troop strength. And this incremental approach will kill many more. The fact is, our soldiers have to sleep, and have a day off, in order to function. This means, that of the 20,000 troops to increase in Iraq (some from Afghanistan very possibly), only 5000 will be on duty on any given shift. Of that 5000, only 4,000 will be on duty per shift in Baghdad, the other 1,000 will be on shift duty in the Anbar Province.

In a city of 5 million like Baghdad, how much of a difference will an increase of 4000 American soldiers on duty make? That partially depends upon on whether the 8 brigades of Iraqi Army will actually show up for duty in Baghdad. Which by the way, means only about 2 brigades, or 8,000 Iraqi Army troops will be on duty in a shift. What we are talking about here, is increasing the military compliment in Baghdad, a city of 5 million, by a combined force of an additional 12,000 soldiers on duty in a given shift (assuming all the Iraqis show up as ordered). It takes 45,000 police to keep order in New York City, which translates to about 15,000 police on duty at any given time. And NYC is not engaged in civil war, sectarian violence, riots, and house to house searches throughout the entire city.

It appears the President is about to position our troops for another exercise in "whack a mole". Only portions of the city of Baghdad can be entered and cleaned out at a time. Then, they will have to move to the next section. What is to prevent the bad guys from playing cat and mouse with the soldiers, leaving as the troops enter, to sections of the city already cleared out? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And there is no possibility that 4,000 or, even 10,000 more on duty troops can lock down a violent city the size of Baghdad all at the same time.

The truly frightening revelation in all this, is that our government has so lost its checks and balances, that no other branch of government, nor the people of the United States, can now stop this President from engaging our troops any way, and anywhere he pleases. 7 out of 10 Americans don't want this escalation. The majority in both houses of Congress are going to demonstrate in days to come, they don't want this escalation. But, they are all powerless to stop this President from escalating it anyway. President Bush is a constitutional crisis all by himself.

That is not a democracy. That is not the government our founding fathers birthed into existence with constitutional checks and balances. There is a word for this kind of government. It is called authoritarian rule. Where the author of his own rules, rules as he pleases, without regard for the will of government or the people.

Just weeks ago, our most experienced General in the Middle East, John Abizaid, who advised against a troop escalation, has been replaced. Abizaid's advice to the President has been ignored a number of times since the first in 2003 when he warned we were embarking in a guerilla type war. Rumsfeld said that was nonsense, and the President drew down our troop compliment. And the insurgency grew out of all proportion.

Gen. George Casey Jr. who spoke of public wariness about any short-term increase in troops in Iraq, is also replaced. Gen. David Petraeus is willing to speak for escalation. And he is now in charge. The President cherry picks his military commanders the way he cherry picked the intelligence to justify invading Iraq in the first place. So, much for the President listening to his military advisors.

There is only way out of Iraq for America. And that is to wait for President Bush's replacement in January of 2009. Only then, can President Bush dodge the inevitable bullet of having failed to accomplish the goals he set for the Iraqis. When he leaves office, the next president will redeploy our troops outside of Iraq.

And at that point, President Bush can say, the effort in Iraq failed because the new President quit and pulled out. He can say it. He can believe it. No doubt, the 29% of loyal American Bush supporters, Laura and the dog, will believe it. But, the rest of America, and history, will know it quite differently.

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