Is This A New Political Dawn?

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Turned on the news this morning and I thought for a moment I was in the wrong decade. Republicans and Democrats, shoulder to shoulder, standing toe to toe against President Bush? Did I awake in a parallel universe by mistake?

Senators Feinstein (D), Hatch (R), Harkin (D), and Spectre (R), all at the same lectern on C-Span calling for the President to put away his veto pen on stem cell research? Had to be a dream. No, checked my TIVO, and sure enough, there it is again. No mistake. Unbelievable.

It looks as if this will be a recurring sight on C-Span, as some Republicans appear to be lining up with Democrats to challenge the President's call to increase the number of troops in harm's way in Iraq. The "surge" as it is inappropriately called, finds the President out beating the bushes (arh, arh) for support, but most of what flies from the bushes appear to be flying away from Pres. Bush, not toward him. If some Republicans join the Democrats in opposing the 'surge', the Congress could be poised to cut the President's funding for Iraq without the fear of political backlash.

Being able to claim a bipartisan appropriation cut for increasing military action in Iraq, could actually place the President in the position of taking the fall should he defiantly send troops without proper preparation and backup support. The President would know before hand he was sending our soldiers in to greater harm without adequate safeguards and resources which the Congress could express it would not support. That would put the increased casualties directly on the shoulders of the President, and not the Congress.

Is this now a possibility? I just pinched myself. I am not dreaming. That window of opportunity may just open with the potential of forcing the President to hold steady or reduce the number of our heroic soldiers stuck in the middle of another nation's civil war, targeted for maiming and death by both sides.

Bipartisan deficit reduction measures are already being sought. Such reductions will reduce the President's ability to initiate new programs to try to salvage his legacy under the new Pay as you Go rules. This will neatly box the President into choosing between the war in Iraq, and other legacy saving domestic policy measures.

Am I witnessing this lame duck President morph into a dead duck President? One can only hope this worst President since Warren G. Harding, Andrew Johnson, Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan, is on a path to leaving office, emasculated of his dreams of 'world peace and order under his military thumb'.

This President has violated the laws and the Constitution more than any President since Nixon and FDR. It appears almost all other political figures in Washington are shying away from this sinking Presidency looking to book passage on almost any other ship. And this appears to me to be the motivation behind this apparent new found bipartisanship in Congress.

Certainly, any Republican who faces reelection in '08 is going to choose any side but the President's or, accept that it is time to find a new career. It is a new dawn, and my hopes are rising with the morning's sun. Amazing what throwing out a number of incumbents in an election can accomplish. We should repeat it biannually.

I have opposed this President from the very beginning, not because he is Republican, but, because he was my governor in Texas, and I lost faith in him prior to his seeking the presidency. Now that 7 out of 10 other Americans have come to see the man I saw as Governor of Texas, and after years of taking the insults and debating the prolific defenses of how great and wonderful King George is, as a result of my written criticisms of his policies and direction, I feel I have earned the right to chortle a bit.

President Bush still occupies the most powerful office in the world however, with far more power than any American President should ever have. So, a sigh of relief and a deep sense of relaxation will have to wait until the day of inauguration of a new, and hopefully far more capable president in January of 2009. It is going to be a very long and pensive 2 years with a very hopeful light shining at the other end.

Please, my fellow Americans, choose your next President far more wisely. Look under the campaign and party wrappings; take the time to discover the real candidate by their record of past actions and decisions, and especially their failures. My mama always said, actions speak truer than words. Ain't it the truth?

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