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Sen. Jon Kyl, speaking just an hour ago before the Heritage Foundation of the fearful and war hawks, is using China's test of their capability to take out a satellite, as leverage to move the Administration and State Department back to Reagan's 'Starwars' Space Defense Initiative. He wants money in the budget to fund SDI.

There are so many arguments and reasons why Sen. Jon Kyl's proposal is wrong headed, and irresponsible, I cannot cover them all in a single article. But, here are some of the major problems with his views.

America needs, desperately to elect another Republican president in 2008. The reasons are simple and straightforward. We don't need another 1 party government, and Democrats would keep our borders wide open.

First, a Democratic president would yield a one party government again. We just saw how devastating to our national debt, foreign affairs, and domestic infrastructure that was. Little else needs be said on this count.

The President, once again, displayed a horrible lack of knowledge and inability to lead the country in the right direction in his State of the Union Speech this evening. He recited a long list of new foreign and domestic spending programs without once uttering a word as to how they would be paid for. Glaringly, the President proposed, no new taxes, spend, spend, spend, and almost in the same breath, let's balance the budget after he leaves office.

Since, the President said up front there should be no tax increases, we can set that aside as a given. Also, we can set aside as a given his proposal to balance the budget in 5 years. Now for the rest of the speech full of new and more spending.

Blogger or Lobbyist?

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When does a blogger cease to be a blogger and become a political special interest lobbyist or action group? In a bill being hotly debated, Democrats say it is when a blogger is making a living at politics.

As ZDNet reports:

Much of the bill's wording is obtuse. But one section says that certain political bloggers who make or spend $25,000 per quarter and who encourage readers to contact their elected representatives would be forced to register as lobbyists--or face up to 10 years in prison.

Congress passed a sham of a law purported to restore ethics unto the People's branch of government. A little frill cut here, a little frill cut there. But, the mainstay of bribery by wealthy lobbyists and special interests was not touched. Congress reserved the right to be bribed by the wealthy campaign donors, which made this ethics reform anything but.

Courts and States are battling towns and counties across America who have enacted ordinances to restrict illegal aliens from everything from jobs to housing. So far, the towns and counties are losing. But, this issue is beginning to get folks really riled, especially toward the federal government whose abrogation of responsibility is breeding a growing dissent. Civil unrest may be just around the corner...

The L.A. Galaxy has hired a foreign soccer star for $50 million a year for five years. That should raise the mean income level a bit, so Americans can relax about wages and the economy. Capitalists are rejoicing at a new Dow Jones Industrial Average record, sparked by a higher than expected employment report. One has to begin asking how many illegal aliens are being included in those reported new hires statistics? The Bureau of Labor and Statistics will never tell.

There was nothing new in President Bush's speech. Nothing! He is still contradicting his previous self. He still refuses to represent the American people, 7 out of 10 of whom, want our part in this Civil War to end. He is still replacing experience which disagrees with him, with new Generals who won't, for awhile. He is still committed to staying in Iraq until he leaves office. He is still willing to spend soldier's lives for his legacy. The only thing new is the constitutional crisis.

About two years ago Pres. Bush said increasing troops would make the Iraqis more dependent on Americans. A direct contradiction to his speech last night in which he calls for an escalation of our troops involvement while saying it will help the Iraqis get independent control.

Turned on the news this morning and I thought for a moment I was in the wrong decade. Republicans and Democrats, shoulder to shoulder, standing toe to toe against President Bush? Did I awake in a parallel universe by mistake?

Senators Feinstein (D), Hatch (R), Harkin (D), and Spectre (R), all at the same lectern on C-Span calling for the President to put away his veto pen on stem cell research? Had to be a dream. No, checked my TIVO, and sure enough, there it is again. No mistake. Unbelievable.

Okay, all those who don't believe Bush's Iraq decisions have been dimwitted, visit a GOP loyalist site, this one won't make you happy. Everyone else should be asking if Pres. Bush is immoral to build up 20,000 more troops in Iraq, sacrificing even more American limbs and lives? For what? For the sake of his belief that one day he will be vindicated in invading Iraq? That appears to be what's coming.


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