Immigration: What's it to you?

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Roy Beck, President of NumbersUSA, boasted victory late in the night proclaiming his organization and other Americans beat back all attempts by Republicans and some Democrats to increase immigration in this country for highly sought after, but, very expensive education, type jobs.

Beck reports that Sen. Kay Baily Hutchison's (R) last ditch attempt to import 100,000 immigrant nurses next year failed. Sen. Cornyn's (R), also of Texas, attempt to increase immigration of programmers and engineers also failed. Friday's Viet Nam Free Trade agreement finally, was absent free visas for Vietnamese; as Beck says:

If we're right, this represents quite a milestone: A free trade agreement that deals with movement of goods without forcing the movement of foreign workers into U.S. job occupations.

Behind all these immigration increase attempts is a choice: Invest in Americans in American jobs, or simply import what we need for corporate and business needs. I say it is long past time the American people force the President and Congress to invest in education the way we want to invest in Iraq. I say it is long past time that we invested hugely in retraining American workers, and in lifelong vocational education, instead of paying to set up immigrants in the millions with housing, orientation, visas, and transportation to take jobs away from American children and American workers.

It is also long past time America begin considering holding population growth to current levels instead of trying to recreate China's population problems in the USA. Behind these short cuts by our politicians is a lack of vision for America's future and that of her children. Behind their lazy fare efforts is an ideology that refuses to reinvest American tax dollars in the lives and futures of America's children and workers, all in the name of downsizing government and holding a lid on taxes.

NEWS FLASH. No one in Washington D.C. has been downsizing government or holding the lid on taxes for any but the very wealthy. Taxes have been increasing, you just don't notice the taxes in the form of new fees, licenses, toll roads, and the plethora of other gimmicks to keep raising revenue without increasing income taxes, to include forcing states and municipalities to raise rates for everything from border control to Medicare fees.

So, let's dispense with the Bull, shall we, and call a cash cow a cash cow. The truth is, government is spending our money on all manner of items INSTEAD of Americans. The estimates are now 1 Trillion dollars for Iraq. NASA is preparing budgets for colonies on the Moon. And government is spending hugely more sums on itself for everything from elections and campaign mailings to constituents on our tax dollars to pay raises and 100 day work year for Congress. David Walker, the U.S. Comptroller said this week, there is no accounting for tax dollars spent in the Defense branches of government. Making head or tails out of their books and absences of records is nearly impossible. Just the way the contractors want it, don't you think?

If Democrats want to curry favor with voters, they would do well to consider putting off colonies on the moon in favor of cranking up the education results this country needed to supply its own born in America engineers and programmers. They would do well, to find a way to cut spending in Iraq and invest the savings in American worker retraining. They would do well in other words, to use tax dollars to benefit Americans right here at home.

Seems some economist one day announced the U.S. is a net importing nation, and politicians and businesses said: "OK, it is time to import workers for American jobs right along with foreign food, steel, electronics and cars." And in doing so, they inadvertently decided American students and workers were dispensable, replaceable, high maintenance, costly, and not worthy of the jobs their consumer dollars created.

The American people are waking up to these goings on. They are hanging tough, and have defeated job immigration and amnesty measures by the likes of President Bush, Sen. Kennedy (D), Sen. McCain (R), the ACLU, the National Council of La Raza, the U.S. Catholic Bishops, the National Council of Churches and most mainline Protestant national offices, most national Jewish groups, and a host of corporations all of whom lobbied for importing workers for American jobs or for amnesty of illegal aliens to take our jobs and futures from us and our children.

As Beck said so aptly:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, many other business lobbies, President Bush, most leftist "immigrant rights" lobbies and the majority of newspaper editorial boards across the country have waged a public disinformation campaign trying to persuade Americans that there are NOT ENOUGH people in the United States.

300 million Americans is more than enough. We just have to stop government and corporations from taking our money and giving it to foreigners to help them come take our jobs and classroom seats in universities from us. For that is what it really boils down to. Continue to hang tough American voters; so far you are winning this war against the special interests who could care less about you or I as Americans. Taking back America for Americans continues to be a difficult struggle. But, our founding fathers never promised our Democratic Republic would be easy or without struggle. They fought a Revolutionary War for it, and we must fight the politicians and special interests to keep it.

America should be for Americans first, and we have to demand that reality be ours at the polls, at the stores, in our schools, at our places of employment, and up close and in the face of American politicians who would sell us out for a campaign donation check. You are forewarned Democrats of the new Congress. Screw with us on this, and you will be trounced mightily in 2008 by the very same independent voters who have had enough of party politics selling out Americans to the highest foreign and domestic special interest bidders.

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