No End to Wasted Tax Dollars

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"This strongly suggests that we're buying the wrong stuff, the wrong way, possibly from the wrong contractors, and failing to check before, during or after," said Charles Tiefer, an expert on government contracting who teaches at the University of Baltimore School of Law.

This quote is from a Washington Post article yesterday, covering Dept. of Homeland Defense contracting procedures which leave contracts unenforceable due to their not even being able to find the contracts for which billions of our tax dollars were doled out. 33 of 72 contracts selected for review could not be found.

In a separate article, it is revealed that little or no screening of contract bidders for federal dollars appears to take place. As the Wash. Post reports:

The three principal owners of a Fairfax County defense contractor pleaded guilty yesterday to falsifying their tax returns to make it appear that two vacation homes were used as corporate offices, defrauding the Internal Revenue Service of $120,000.

Two of the owners of BRTRC Technology Research Corp. also admitted in court documents that they tried to get the Pentagon to reimburse them for $72,000 in rental costs for the properties, near a Delaware beach and a West Virginia ski resort. Pentagon auditors declined.

It is vitally important that voters bear these stories in mind when election time rolls around. These politicians and their lobbying special interests are digging into your and my wallets and our children's future paychecks in the most reckless and wasteful of manners. It has to stop, not just to end wasting our hard earned dollars, but, more importantly, to insure that our government gets what it pays for in solving our nation's problems. Every billion dollars wasted is a billion dollars that can't be used to save Soc. Sec., secure our borders, improve education, or rebuild crumbling bridges and highway overpasses.

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