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Rep. Roy Blunt (R), speaking before a packed room of conservatives at the Heritage Foundation itemized a new agenda and opportunity for Republicans in light of the election results. Main focus: minimize federal government, obstruct programs like No Child Left Behind, the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), and other programs not focused on national security and foreign policy.

Ironically, Rep. Blunt, in contradiction to his minimalist approach, advocated for Republicans moving ahead with social engineering from the Republican Party that seeks to install moral values in America on issues like religious practice in schools, public squares, and further erosion of the separation of church and state doctrine.

If Rep. Blunt's views are adopted by many other Republican Congress persons, the first shot in a new war between Democrats and Republicans will be fired. Rep. Blunt said the federal government should be the last resort option in resolving domestic issues which he believes rightly belong to the states to resolve. Ideas like a national set of voting standards, national education standards, or federal involvement in health care should be opposed in this effort by Republicans to return to core principles and opportunity to redefine who they are.

Conservative talk show host, Carlson Tucker has taken to calling Pres. Bush a liberal. Whether this is an attempt to give liberals a bad name, or distance the Republican Party from the negative reaction by a majority of Americans to our lame duck President, is unclear. But, what is clear, is that there are a number of Republicans who are going to battle with each other, as well as with Democrats, in an attempt to redefine the Republican Party in a fashion that can one day take power back in Congress.

Ironically, this notion of maintaining party politics as the primary focus for rebuilding the Republican Party is precisely one of the key concepts rejected by voters in this year's election. American voters want the partisanship to stop interfering with solutions to America's problems and blocking results in uplifting America's future prosperity, security, and liberty. It seems to this writer, that the fastest way for the Republican Party to reacquire public favor, is to focus on solutions to the problems the majority of Americans want solved, like deficit spending, entitlement reforms which preserve our safety nets, not end them, and halting the ever growing threat of illegal immigration.

There are a huge number of problems which both Democrats and Republicans should focus on in January which would restore confidence in both parties by their base constituents. But, it does not appear at this moment, that such bi-partisan forging of mutually beneficial agendas is forthcoming by many spokespersons in either party.

I cannot think of a greater detriment to the Republican Party's hopes for future public favor, than the plan by some to use the lame duck Congress setting between now and January when Democrats take control, to ram through legislation laden with pork for Republican supporters and bills which will divide America further like the bill regarding military tribunals.

The American voters have demanded a change and an end to the party corruption of our government. If the Democrats and Republicans in Congress can muster the intelligence of the majority of American voters, they will seek ways to legislation that solve problems, curry bipartisan support, and which demonstrate a resolve by each party to put the American people first, and party and ideological concerns in the backseat.


That was a very good speech by Blunt. I watched it on CSPAN yesterday. I don't think Blunt gets enough credit for being a solid conservative. Blunt and Boehner is a much better team than DeLay and Blunt. I hope they win the vote next Thursday.

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