Insulting our Troops

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Sen. Kerry, whether a lame joke or, spontaneous lapse of judgment by going off script, made the appearance of insulting the intelligence of young men who join the military for a $45,000 sign up bonus. Obviously, it is not dumb to give one's signature away for $45,000, unless doing so costs you your life or limbs, sight or hearing, or severe burns. Even that is not dumb, just a poor bargain.

But, let's be clear! Kerry is not running for anything. More importantly, it is the Republican leadership who are spending our soldier's lives while waiting for some divine inspiration on how to bring closure between the greatest military on earth and this little podunk country called Iraq. If anyone is disrespecting our American soldiers, insulting them with unnecessary casualties and death, it is the GW Bush company in the White House.

Kerry would make a lousy president, and his comment, however intended, has eliminated him from even a hope of nomination in 2008. The issue at hand is, what do we do to check this rogue President who has many designs on rewriting the Constitution, but, none for removing our troops from harms way in Iraq. That is the issue for me on Nov. 7, and I will vote for challengers who say they will alter the course in Iraq in a fashion which will quickly halt the wasteful spending of American lives, and the billions upon billions of national debt which our children will have to suffer in tax withholdings in their work lives.

The greater insult toward our military troops sits in the White House. It is an insult that is filling Arlington Cemetery with more crosses, stars of David, and other religious icons nearly everyday. It is an insult that is swamping our VA hospitals, burn centers, and prosthetic labs.

That is an insult which has meaning for the Nov. 7 elections in the context of a war which does not have meaning, nor end, and a Congress that allows it continue without oversight, or representation of the suffering soldiers and their families. Who among Republicans is talking about safeguarding our troops? That is the greatest insult of all.

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