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As the election day on Nov. 7 nears, 100's of millions of dollars are being poured into the most non-issue oriented, sleazy, and lying advertising ever in the history of American politics. What is remarkable is how the polls in a slew of races are closing their gaps as these despicable ads from all sides come pouring over our TV's, our radios, our Ipods, on billboards, and handouts.

This closing gap in the polls seems to indicate the ads are working to change people's minds. Think about that for a second. People's most important decision of the year is being changed by lies, sleaze, and Non-Issue advertising. That is a sad commentary on the American electorate.

But, what if American voters voted against the ads, instead of for them? What if voters said, I hate those ads, and I won't vote for any candidate whose ads are like these? In other words, if misinforming, gutteral advertising LOST races for politicians, is it not clear political advertising would quickly become more informative, more factual, and appeal to voters on the issues?

So, while we are contemplating voting out the incumbents, perhaps we might want to consider voting out the crap in political advertising as well, by withdrawing our vote from any candidate who uses advertising scraped from the bottom of the slime barrel. If their campaign advertising is based on lies, why should we expect them to be honest in office?

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