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The Rule of Law in our great land has taken one heck of a beating in recent decades on certain fronts. Our Constitution has been violated and distorted in many ways to fit political and other ends. Even the people of this great land have only discretionary respect for the law; choosing which ones apply to them and which ones don't.

No End to Wasted Tax Dollars

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"This strongly suggests that we're buying the wrong stuff, the wrong way, possibly from the wrong contractors, and failing to check before, during or after," said Charles Tiefer, an expert on government contracting who teaches at the University of Baltimore School of Law.

This quote is from a Washington Post article yesterday, covering Dept. of Homeland Defense contracting procedures which leave contracts unenforceable due to their not even being able to find the contracts for which billions of our tax dollars were doled out. 33 of 72 contracts selected for review could not be found.

Democrats ran on cleaning up ethics violations and corruption in government. Now, some are back stepping, and an internal feud is building. At the center of the looming conflict, Sen. Barack Obama is calling for an independent ethics commission, and in opposition, is Sen. Diane Feinstein who says this can be handled in a bi-partisan way by the recipients of obscene sums of legal bribes for their reelection by special interests and lobbyists.

The NY Time's David D. Kirkpatrick has an excellent article written yesterday, providing a lot of information on the players and background of this looming inter-, and intra-party fight which is going to scare the bejeesus out of a number of politicians both Republican and Democratic, whose own affairs and actions in the Congress may not stand up to independent scrutiny.

Put On a Happy Face

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Bush's government is trying to put a happier face on the report that 35 million Americans had trouble putting food on the table this last year. In all previous years, this was referred to as the Hunger Report. This year, the White House's creative agents decided to put a happier face on this report calling it instead, "the very low food security" report.

The Democrats appear, according to a new poll, to be making a lot of the right promises to appeal to the moderate, centrist, and independent voters who elected them, save one. Democrat's illegal immigration solutions don't appear to be currying favor.

First, the right promises (with a small 'r' ). Not to be confused with Right promises, which were mostly never carried out. At least not yet. That's the Left's promises - Not Yet, they just got power. Not the Right's, - Not Yet, they had their chance and a lot of years and opportunities to bring about the 3 P's, peace, prosperity, and personal liberty. Sorry, I have been watching the 3 stooges in Wash. D.C. for so long, I am starting to babble like them. Back to business.

One Conservative Take

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Rep. Roy Blunt (R), speaking before a packed room of conservatives at the Heritage Foundation itemized a new agenda and opportunity for Republicans in light of the election results. Main focus: minimize federal government, obstruct programs like No Child Left Behind, the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), and other programs not focused on national security and foreign policy.

Ironically, Rep. Blunt, in contradiction to his minimalist approach, advocated for Republicans moving ahead with social engineering from the Republican Party that seeks to install moral values in America on issues like religious practice in schools, public squares, and further erosion of the separation of church and state doctrine.

Anti-Incumbent Voters Win

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After spending 10 hours glued to the TV watching the election results, it became obvious none of the politicians, or the pundits for that matter, understood what was taking place. The change in leadership in the House of Representatives, and likely the Senate, was a result of a growing anti-incumbent movement amongst voters, which decided to hold incumbents responsible for lack of results and solutions to America's growing list of problems.

By 2:15 AM this morning, the spin had already begun. James Carville (D) said this was not an anti-incumbent election, but an anti-Republican one. Halley Barbour (R) said this switching of parties was just part of the cycle, which voters go through every 12 to 16 years. Others said this was all about Iraq. But, they missed the central theme of yesterday's elections.

Larry, Moe, and Curly were more commonly known as The 3 Stooges in their hilarious 1950's and 1960's black and white movies full of error, stupidity, ignorance, incompetence, and slap stick. Well, they are back and running for re-election under different names today, like Santorum, Stabenow, and Lieberman. But, it is not funny anymore.

The American tax payers shelled out 100's of billions of dollars to politicians and intelligence agency personnel for the express purpose of preventing a 9/11 from happening in America. Most of those politicians and personnel are still in office today, many are running for re-election. It would be hilarious if it were not so tragic that their 3 stooges routines leave our nation and her people nearly as vulnerable to attack today, as we were on September 10, 2001.

The U.S. supported and designed Iraqi Court system has just sentenced Saddam Hussein to death by hanging. He has 10 days to appeal. If his appeal fails, his sentence is to be carried out within 30 days hence. At least one other, Hussein's half brother, who signed the order for the deaths of over 140 villagers from a place where an assassination attempt was hatched aimed at Iraq's leader. Others standing trial were handed lesser sentences, and more are still coming forth.

Those are the facts at the time of this writing. What do they mean? Proponents of the court and trials, will hail this as a victory for the Iraqi people and its new government. Critics will cite this event as an extension of U.S. occupation in Iraq, and contrary to the best interests of the Iraqi people and stability in Iraq, fueling sectarian hostilities.

Insulting our Troops

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Sen. Kerry, whether a lame joke or, spontaneous lapse of judgment by going off script, made the appearance of insulting the intelligence of young men who join the military for a $45,000 sign up bonus. Obviously, it is not dumb to give one's signature away for $45,000, unless doing so costs you your life or limbs, sight or hearing, or severe burns. Even that is not dumb, just a poor bargain.

But, let's be clear! Kerry is not running for anything. More importantly, it is the Republican leadership who are spending our soldier's lives while waiting for some divine inspiration on how to bring closure between the greatest military on earth and this little podunk country called Iraq. If anyone is disrespecting our American soldiers, insulting them with unnecessary casualties and death, it is the GW Bush company in the White House.

Don't Vote the Ad

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As the election day on Nov. 7 nears, 100's of millions of dollars are being poured into the most non-issue oriented, sleazy, and lying advertising ever in the history of American politics. What is remarkable is how the polls in a slew of races are closing their gaps as these despicable ads from all sides come pouring over our TV's, our radios, our Ipods, on billboards, and handouts.

This closing gap in the polls seems to indicate the ads are working to change people's minds. Think about that for a second. People's most important decision of the year is being changed by lies, sleaze, and Non-Issue advertising. That is a sad commentary on the American electorate.


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