Border Fence: Yes!

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The Bush administration got this one right! President Bush, in signing the bill authorizing 700 miles of border fence along our border with Mexico, took the first step toward fulfilling a responsibility our government has failed for decades. I congratulate President Bush. He wanted much more than just the fence, but, he took what he could get, and what America needs.

San Diego's fence stretching from its Eastern County border to the Pacific Ocean has resulted in a 56% decrease in crime in the county. Before the fence, their border was a no-man's zone where armed drug dealers ruled, and rape, murder, and trafficking of drugs and humans was rampant. No more. The San Diego fence stretch has reduced illegal border crossings into San Diego county by 90%, according to Border Patrol officials there, who now have excellent control of the area. They also report they are catching 95% of those trying to cross the fence as opposed to only 30% in other areas of the South where no fenced borders exist.

The impediment the fence introduces to free flow of traffic, and the threat of 700 more miles of it, has Mexico's government howling, going even as far as asking the Organization of American States to intervene and veto the law Bush just signed. At stake, is more than 20 billion U.S. dollars flowing back to Mexico's economy to relatives of illegals working here. Moreover, it threatens the estimated 45 Billion dollars flowing into Mexico's economy as a result of the illegal drug trade.

President Bush and the Republican leadership of Congress are to be congratulated for this down payment on our national and job security for Americans, despite their 5 year tardiness in acting. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R) is also to be congratulated, for he has been demanding this action be taken for 10 years and never quit, nor relented, in pressuring his party to take this important first step.

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