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There is a wave of Republicans disavowing those in the White House and Congress leadership, saying they are Republicans no more. Some mean those in power are no more Republicans. Some mean they, themselves, are leaving the Republican Party. Jack Cafferty, a very conservative journalist and consultant for CNN aired a special last night entitled "Broken Government", in which he called for ousting all incumbents and starting over. Bravo!, Mr. Cafferty. Better late than never.

The Washington Post states in 'Moderates in Kansas Decide They're Not in GOP Anymore':

In a state that voted nearly 2 to 1 for President Bush in 2004, nine former Republicans will be on the November ballot as Democrats.

Whether it is cross dressing to ride the winds of change, or, a true conversion away from being Republican, it appears the polls are underestimating the slam dunk coming on Nov. 7. Of course, it doesn't help that the same GOP incumbents who are taking the fund raising from the White House speaking tour are at the same time distancing themselves from the White House in their campaign literature and debates. The hypocrisy of it all is not lost on voters.

MSNBC reported in September that Evangelical Hispanics are turning away from the GOP. And they may not be the only ones. One PEW research poll also indicates some white evangelical Christian groups are losing faith in the GOP as well. This was a cornerstone group of Americans who insured Republican victory in races dating back to Reagan years. reports on one Democratic Faith based organization whose co-chair is quoted:

"I'm tired of politicians, partisans and preachers spelling 'God' G-O-P." "Now many Americans think Jesus has quit riding a donkey and started riding an elephant. The truth is, God cannot be held captive by any political party. And American Christians should not be either."
It appears some Democrats are finally finding their voice on issues hijacked by the GOP back in 1994.

Taken together, religious groups, Republican incumbents, conservative journalists and talk show hosts like Tucker Carlson, Joe Scarborough, and now, Jack Cafferty, and the millions of Americans telling pollsters they have had enough of Republican rule, it would appear it is becoming fashionable to be anti-Republican, or, for those who see that as a stretch, at least anti-incumbent.

However, if the corruption, waste, fraud, lies, cover-ups, and broken government are to end, it will be incumbent upon voters to continue waging war on the incumbents in 2008, 2010, and perhaps beyond. These incumbents have gerrymandering, your taxes, and a credit card on your grandchildren's earnings at their disposal to wage war on the voter's perceptions to try to keep their jobs. They will bribe you with your own tax dollars, they will lie to you about their opponents, they will gerrymander whole cities and counties out of electoral existence, in order to keep their cushy jobs, and their swinging doors to lucrative lobbyist careers open.

It will be tough for Americans to sustain their anti-incumbent mood across a number of elections. But, if the voters don't take on this tough assignment, it is certain the politicians won't take on theirs to set this country back on a positive track toward the future. If Americans will drop the 90+ percent reelection rate for federal incumbents to 50% or below, Congress will, out of self interest, place the nation's future and the people's concerns in the driver's seat of their legislation.

We thought that was up to them. We were wrong. It is up to us, the voters, to force them to put us and our country first. They have proven they won't do it without our forcing them.


Well, I was about to unload a lot of anger at you over this article which my first read conjured up. It appeared you were saying Republicans are responsible for everything that has ever gone wrong with government. Let's not forget for example the five and a half trillion dollars national debt Clinton left as his legacy.

But, when I read it a second time, I realized I actually agree much of what you are saying. I am a Republican, and I always will be. But, I am angry at these so called Republicans who have abused and misused the Republican Party platform for their own personal and ideological reasons. I don't think Democrat's will be any better, but, you are right to focus on the incumbents who are used to doing things they way they are. To resolve a problem, you have to first remove its source.

And I see now that you are focusing on the problems caused by those on both sides of the aisle - it just happens that Republicans are pulling most of the strings in government at this time and therefore are more responsible at this time. But, you are so right to point out that the solution is to keep voting out incumbents for at least a couple of elections to come before the new guys will accept that the old guy's way of doing things won't be tolerated anymore.

You may be a Democrat, I don't know. But, your focus on incumbents is the right one. Perhaps there is hope for those on the left and right to agree on something afterall.

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