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Border Fence: Yes!

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The Bush administration got this one right! President Bush, in signing the bill authorizing 700 miles of border fence along our border with Mexico, took the first step toward fulfilling a responsibility our government has failed for decades. I congratulate President Bush. He wanted much more than just the fence, but, he took what he could get, and what America needs.

The new anti-incumbent movement is just beginning. It will grow, and there is nothing the Democratic and Republican Parties can do about that. Here are the only 3 scenarios possible, and why the Republocrats will be powerless against Vote Out Incumbents Democracy and a growing number of anti-incumbent voices like Anti-Incumbents.com, No To Incumbents, and Tenure Corrupts.

Republicans No More!

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There is a wave of Republicans disavowing those in the White House and Congress leadership, saying they are Republicans no more. Some mean those in power are no more Republicans. Some mean they, themselves, are leaving the Republican Party. Jack Cafferty, a very conservative journalist and consultant for CNN aired a special last night entitled "Broken Government", in which he called for ousting all incumbents and starting over. Bravo!, Mr. Cafferty. Better late than never.

Corruption in our government is reaching new proportions surrounding the "Duke" Cunningham investigations. Foley cover-up aside, DeLay, Jefferson, and Abramoff investigations on hold, (could the elections have anything to do with this?), the Cunningham investigations are widening to uncover the many other government officials required to permit Cunningham's bribes to have succeeded.

Victory Not An Option

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The Baker/Hamilton Commission will be providing a report on the options available to the administration regarding Iraq after the midterm elections. Of the options, victory is not one of them in the foreseeable future. Neither is stay the course. The report will outline at least two major options, draw down and redeploy, or, stability first in Baghdad.

Strategies are flying around this country like a locust storm. Different strategies for different politicians in different districts makes them so numerous as to require a book to cover even half of them. However, there are some core strategies underpinning campaigns for different parties, which I will call Distance, Record, and Coalition.

The Washington Post reports:

North Korea declared on Monday that it had conducted its first nuclear test, a claim verified by monitoring authorities in China and South Korea...
Must the world now put an end to the Kim Jung Il regime?

Sen. John Warner (R) held a press conference Thursday, Oct. 5, on Iraq, having just returned from there. The Sen. was full of contradictions reflecting the situation in Iraq and the absence of a strategy by the Bush administration and Congressional Republicans.

Sen. Warner is chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and a key member of the Senate's Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

Hewlett Packard's former chief and several others face indictments for illegal spying. How is it then, the White House, also known to have engaged in illegal spying using wiretaps outside FISA's requirement for judicial review, is not held to account? Is it true there is one law for those outside government and another law for a few privileged inside government? Is this not the story line of George Orwell's famous Animal Farm about how authoritarians are made?

This incident with the Rep. Foley's solicitations toward a teenage page volunteering his time in support of our government, in and of itself, is simply a crime, likely a misdemeanor, perhaps a lower category felony using the internet for solicitation of a minor. The Justice Dept. should handle that like any other crime of its nature.

The bigger story here is the cover-up. Incidents such as these should be reported to the House Ethics Committee and oversight personnel for the page's supervision. The cover-up is manifest in that the only Democratic member to have been notified of this ethics breach and potential danger to pages, was never informed. This incident was kept under wraps by the Republican leadership, hiding truth in order to protect themselves and their party from scandal.


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