The Real Cost of Katrina

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Surfing the net, I came across a heart wrenching video presentation entitled: The Real Cost of Katrina.

CAUTION !!! This video contains graphic images not seen on TV, of the aftermath caused by our government's failure to protect its people. You will weep! Be forewarned.

The levees were the responsibiilty of the Congress and the Army Corps of Engineers, an agency of the White House.

I cannot understand how anyone can watch this 8 minute presentation and vote for any of the vast majority of incumbents in federal government today who permitted this to happen through negligence, partisan bickering, lack of priorities and commitment to safeguard we, the people, of these United States.

We paid dearly in taxes for such protection as these levees, only to be killed and rendered homeless by political party warfare and campaign money greed which, crowds out all other contenders for first priority of government. We paid dearly in taxes for the security of our land and its people against attack. Yet, 9/11 happened.

If it were a car that failed so catastrophically we would have returned it, and sued for damages, and demanded the salesperson be fired. But it wasn't an auto salesman who cheated us, it was our own elected politicians.

The Real Cost of Katrina. (headphones or speakers needed if you wish to listen to the music background - not required).

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