Voters Will Have Their Say

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MSNBC has an article about the anti-incumbent sentiment which includes a number of quotes from voters. MSNBC's article, Anti-incumbent Sentiment Widespread, projects a stage set for another rout at the polls on Nov. 7, as anti-incumbent poll numbers at this time are greater than in 1994, which swept Republican challengers into the majority of Congress.

The following voter's quote from the MSNBC article pretty much says it all, and repeats what Vote Out Incumbents Democracy has known since its inception in Oct. of 2005:

Across the park, Curtis Kelley, 62 and "mostly a Democrat," was down on the president and his opinion of lawmakers on Capitol Hill was almost as negative.

"I don't have any confidence in them either," Kelley said, as he worked at the dock on the park's 188-acre lake. But, he said, voters share some of the blame. "We don't hold them accountable."

The polls indicate, more voters than ever will be holding them accountable on Nov. 7.

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