Take My Liberty, Just Give me Security.

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Our leaders feel guilty for allowing 9/11 to happen. Our leaders feel unworthy of the roles they hold in our government. Our leaders, confused by these feelings of guilt and unworthiness, are grasping to make it better.

But, they are doing so without reference or consultation with our forefathers, who knew the world is a dangerous place. And it takes a brave and courageous people to choose to live free in it. Freedom carries risk. Freedom or security. You know what the safest place in the United States is? Solitary confinement in a maximum security prison. Not even terrorists have designs on such a place.

"Give me liberty or, give me death". It takes a brave people to live by those words. Where have all our brave citizens gone in these days of confusion and guilt and remorse? Do we honor our soldiers because we can find nothing left in ourselves to honor? They risk their lives in the hopes of returning to a free America, a brave America, and proud America that will not serve up its freedoms and liberties and Constitution for an illusion of security.

Are we going to let them down behind their backs, yielding up freedoms and individual liberties to those who would take them? Or, will we safeguard individual freedom and liberty for their return, against those inside our government and outside our borders, who would steal them from us in the name of fear and concentrated political power?

Which is it going to be America?
1) "Take my freedoms, just give me security".
2) "Give me liberty, or give me death."

When our troops return, which choice will they find America made behind their backs in these trying times?

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