Hoodwink Cycle in Full Spin Mode

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Protect your mind, they are out to twist it, deceive it, undermine its integrity, and manipulate it. They are politicians, and they will say anything, do nearly anything, to get you to vote for them. They will bribe you with federal tax dollars while increasing the national debt. They will lie to you, telling you how wonderful things are becoming under their leadership. They will threaten you with mayhem, terrorist attacks, and loss of jobs if you vote for the 'other guy'. What is a voter to do?

The things politicians will do to get your vote are incredible. In Arizona, Republican candidates are telling the National Republican Congressional Committee to go away and stay out of Southern Arizona politics until after the elections. Reason: the NRCC backed a Republican moderate leaving 4 competing Republican candidates swinging in the wind. Which begs the question: are these Republican candidates loyal to their party. They are certainly not loyal to their party's decisions. Appears these candidates are only loyal to themselves, and if the party stands in their way, they will tell the party to get lost. Sen. Lieberman said the same thing to his party when he lost the primary election. What does this say about the respect that these candidates will give voters, who have an opinion or directive, different from theirs?

The problems Congress should be addressing for the sake of the nation and the people are on hold; all save one, if what Republican leaders say is true. Congress has returned to devote the entire month to national security. Sorry, no time to deal with deficits and debt, no time to deal with illegal immigration or education quality, or saving social security or reforming Medicare so we can halt its march toward bankrupting the nation. They have no time to deal with deadly heroin coming from the New Taliban in Afghanistan filling our hospital emergency rooms with overdosed users. No time for insurance, tax, voting, or campaign finance reforms. Failing to address any of these issues in the past effectively, Republicans are going to spend the month addressing the one issue a slight majority of Americans still give them credit for, national security.

The reason is simple. Before an election, play your strong suit. In this case, the Republican's only apparent strong suit is national security. The plan is simple. Spend the entire month trying to pass legislation on national security issues, which Democrats will not go along with. This will permit Republicans to enter the campaigns for Senate and House seats yelling that Democrats are opposed to national security. But, it is pure theater. And like theater, it isn't real. Republicans are going to propose legislation even a majority of Americans would not want passed. However, since, Americans don't watch the workings of Congress from day to day, there is little for them to fret. The sound bites are what they going for. Here is an example from the Republican Senate Majority Leader, Bill Frist this week: "Democrats have urged retreat from Iraq. And that's where this whole theme of 'cut and run' has come up again and again." When, if ever, do Republicans anticipate our leaving the money pit, called Iraq? It is an important question for a majority of Americans which goes unanswered.

Democrats are going to play the game they have played all along, which is to give Republicans all the rope they want to hang themselves on Nov. 7's election day. There plan is to stay low key, under the radar, and make one simple point. If national security is such a priority for Republicans, why are our nation's borders still wide open 5 years after the 9/11 attacks? It is a powerful retort. But, if you are looking to find out what Democrats will do to end our occupation in Iraq without loss of face, don't hold your breath while searching. Also, you won't be hearing Democrat's plans to reform campaign finance, taxes, voting, or resolve the mushrooming national debt, either.

Oh, yes, and lest we forget, Congress is putting together a 2.7 percent raise for white-collar and blue-collar government employees. Surely, Americans will not want to miss the opportunity to vote incumbents back in office so that, after the elections, they can vote themselves yet another pay raise to keep ahead of the other white and blue collar government employees are making. Pay raise is not the only item Republicans and Democrats have in common this legislative session however. It is hard to find daylight between them on their fervent prayers that previous non-voters, third party voters, and independent voters, who are sick of the waste, fraud and abuse of office by Congress, all stay home on November 7. On this issue, Democrats and Republicans pray to the same god of politics.

Republicans are praying the anti-incumbent sentiment in America does two things, keep voters home, and those who show up, vote against Democrat incumbents as fervently as Republican incumbents. Democrats of course, pray their smaller number of incumbents will result in less anti-incumbent votes against them. What is a voter to do? Voters are concerned about national security. They are concerned about what will happen if we leave Iraq. They are concerned about the next terrorist attack and where, when, and whom will be its targets. Should voters make this election a single issue election based on national security?

Let's look at this issue closely. Slightly less than 3000 Americans died on that remorseful day of September 11, 2001. But, more than 10,000 Americans have died as a result of drivers under the influence of intoxicants and speeding on our highways. Almost 1 million Americans have died since 9/11 because of medical malpractice in our hospitals.

Only about 25% of Americans who entered college, will ever graduate, and that shortage of college graduates will have to be made up with immigration from nations where the educational standards are far superior to our own. With the national debt doubling in 8 years since 2001, our children's taxes will need to be significantly higher than our own to pay the interest on that bloated debt and bring the level down to earth again so, our country has an economic future worth saving.

For many 10's of millions of working Americans, the amount of goods they can purchase with their paycheck has gone steadily down, year after year since 2001. This has been caused by the rising costs of gas, electricity, home heating oil, health care costs and insurance premiums, skyrocketing property taxes, and education costs, which have far exceeded what these Americans have received in tax cuts and wage increases.

Should voters make this election a single issue election based on national security? The truth is, we as Americans are face far greater threat from our own internal mismanagement of everything from education, law enforcement, energy, greed and taxes, than from terrorists, who still find the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans formidable barriers to overcome in attacking us. Moreover, even if they do manage to attack us again, the losses are likely be less than the number of Americans who die in our hospitals each year from medical malpractice and greed; 192,000.

Our founding fathers and our Constitution provide an answer to this question. They set out to grant stakeholders in the American dream a simply voting measuring stick and method to control politicians. The measuring stick was the question: Are my and my children's, future being served or harmed by government? The method for controlling politicians, which our founding fathers provided, was the vote. So, if one is confused by how to vote, or whether to vote this November 7, there is a simple exercise to follow. If you and your children's future are being served by government, then vote to keep the politicians who have made it so. On the other hand, if you and your children's future are being harmed by government, then you have an obligation to vote, and to vote for some candidate other than the one who has governed in this harmful manner.

As I have said many times, in many places, and oft quoted:

"The anti-incumbent vote is the power our Constitution provides the people to control their elected representatives and process of government."

Is this a power, you the voter, should exercise this November 7? Or, should you just succumb to the hoodwink cycle in full spin mode?

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