A Call for a New U.S. Constitution

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Try asking the American people if either the Republican or Democratic party is the answer to America's woes and future needs. They will answer in majority with a clear and stoutly resonated "NO"! Did our Constitution's drafters fail to adequately account for human behavior and foibles?

Polls show confidence in the Republican and Democratic Parties is AWL, Absent With Leave by the actions of the parties. Apparently, the public has two options to address the broken system; vote out incumbents regardless of party, or overthrow the government, and convene a new Continental Congress to draft a new Constitution which starts with the old one, but, removes money and parties from their roles as primary movers of politicians.

Given this choice, and paths of least resistance, obviously, the people are going to choose to throw out incumbents. But this Constitutional provision seems to have failed to take into account voter apathy and disinterest which, to date, have been greater than the need to reform government.

This is not rocket science. Just simple psychology and sociology. And precisely because the people aren't sufficiently educated and motivated to reconvene a Consitutional Convention, America's future is more perilous than it has ever been since the period between the first Constitution's adoption and the end of the Civil War.

Republicans have for years been telling us everything is getting better as our national debt doubles, the future of Social Security, Medicare, our Health Care system, and our education without system move inexorably toward collapse, and American industry and business lose ground to global competitors. The answer Republicans and Democrats have is to throw money we don't have, or withhold money from, these problems, as if money is the answer to all problems. And of course Republicans have told us that we are becoming more secure as we alienate more and more of the rest of the world, including our allies, from our foriegn policy, based on the threat of our military superpower status.

Democrats have not proferred better solutions than Republicans, if they offered any at all. So, yes, Republicans will be getting the boot. And later, Democrats will get the boot. Our nation's future and the looming ice berg with America's name on it will not be averted. 'This Titanic can sink, I assure you. It is a mathematic certainty. United we stood. Divided, we will sink'. (To paraphrase the movie).

It happened to the Roman empire; it happened to the Babylonian Empire; it happened to the British and the Egyptian empires. And now, for lack of intelligence, education, and the lessons of history, it is happening to the age of the American super power. And the one single fundamental root cause, history will show, was our failure to educate our people sufficiently to vote in accordance with the lessons of history.

For a united democracy demands a united electorate with the education and intelligence to hold their representatives to the task of guiding our ship of state through troubled waters. But if the public knows not the perils within the waters, how can they hold their representatives to the task of navigating around such perils?

Yes, it is the Republic in our democracy that is failing. For without the democratic capacity to hold representatives to account for basic survival skills: like top notch education for all, like fiscal responsibility and insuring means constrain unaffordable policy making, like guaranteeing domestic tranquility and unity of national purpose and resolve, the Republic is doomed to fail for the very reasons our founding fathers foresaw and fretted over.

Our founding fathers fretted over greed with access to the public purse, concentration of power into the office of one, and propaganda which cloaks reality and truth in secrecy and laws designed to protect the office holder, not the nation and the public. Yet, the fears of our founding fathers, despite their best efforts to design checks and balances to protect the people and the nation from politicians, are being realized and witnessed everywhere we look throughout our political system.

Perhaps my grandchildren will be part of the new Constitutional Convention. Hopefully, my daughter will teach her children what I have taught her about politics, and it will be incorporated into the new Constitution as follows:

We hold this truth to be self-evident: that money and individual power corrupt politics and governance. Therefore, in order to provide a more perfect union in which enlightened national and self interest may flourish without corruption, we lay these constraints upon office holders and those seeking office: ________________.

The blank to be completed by some future generation.

How would you fill in the blank?

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