Sadly, I reiterate, America is Failing

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It is painful and with deep regret that I have to reiterate what was obvious to some of us all along. Invading Iraq would lead to civil war and unaffordable American deficits, our national debt and deficits would reach or exceed 11 trillion bankrupting the Social Security and Medicare safety nets, and a one party Republican government would lead to government failure, defined by an inability to solve the nation's most pressing problems.

Iraq - The top Generals sitting beside Donald Rumsfeld, our Secretary of Defense, before a Congressional hearing admitted today Iraq is going badly, and civil war may be in the cards. For a change, they were almost fully truthful. If they had acceded that Iraq is already engaged in civil war between Sunnis and Shiites, they would have scored 100 on truthfullness. But they denied thinking that this civil war was in the cards. So, why is it, I and many others were predicting civil war and the White House and Pentagon couldn't?

On April 7, more than 2 years ago, I wrote in "Two Wrongs Will Not Make A Right":

The fact aside that in 1991 Donald Rumsfeld said it will be difficult to imagine how Iraq could be kept whole if Hussein were deposed; before one can will a thing to happen, one must know that it is possible to make it happen. When the will and intent to win was adamant in the 60's but, the plausibility of any winning scenario was simply not believable, the United States was caught in a trap of pouring ever more American blood into Vietnamese soil with no end in sight. The reason there was no end to the stream of 52 thousand American body bags and 100's of thousands of injuries, was because the will to win was not matched by a strategy or plan that could win. And politicians refused to face the reality that they had erred in their calculations, erred in their planning, and hopelessly underestimated their opponent.

It is absurd that they now plan to increase troops, instead of drawing down our forces in Iraq. It is, despite all Republican protestations, Viet Nam revisited, making precisely the same strategic and tactical mistakes knowing full well the motivation is political ass saving in a coming election. This administration is harming our troops for purely election reasons here at home. We saw this happen in the Johnson and Nixon administrations.

Debt and Deficits On March 17, 2004, I wrote in an article aptly titled, GOP-Going for Broke

The Republican's Grand Old Party (GOP) now have control of Congress and they long ago dismissed the pay as you go rule in exchange for a Spend and Bankrupt policy. That action has resulted in the record half trillion dollar budget for 2005 without any attempt by the President or Republican House of Representatives to raise taxes or cut other spending in order to pay for this record deficit. And only an estimated 6% of the budget deficit is due to the lackluster economy. This contradicts the President's and Republican spokesperson's rebuttal that the deficits are resulting from the 2001 recession and the 9/11 attacks.

The Senate just passed a rule to reinstate the 'pay as you go rule' by 51 to 48. However, the Washington Post reports:
But no sooner had the Senate voted than at least some of the lawmakers whose support was critical were waffling on whether they would insist that the rule be kept. With the administration and the Republican leadership dead set against a real "pay as you go" rule -- one that applies to tax cuts as well as spending increases -- the provision is at risk of being killed in conference.

And the measure did indeed, die in Committee. With laws and budgets already passed by Republicans, our national debt will reach 11 trillion by the time Pres. Bush leaves office. He promised to cut the deficit in half. Instead he has doubled the national debt. This is consistent for Republicans in government today who talk Homeland Security but take not one step toward securing our borders; talk about saving Social Security by proposing to end it through private savings for those who can afford to save; talk about freedom and liberty for people's in foreign lands, while investigating and surveilling Quaker and elderly citizen's groups opposed to the War in Iraq.

Had our government been generating surpluses instead of deficits, saving Social Security would have been a relative piece of cake. Medicare would still threaten the future economic situation without substantial efforts made today to steeply drive down the cost of health care in America instead of Republicans sitting on their thumbs while health care costs rise at record levels year after year.

Government Failure - What do most Americans wish from government? Prosperity, security, and freedom from its intrusions.

--Prosperity - This government has certainly delivered prosperity to the topmost 10% of the wealthy and corporations like Haliburton and Exxon/Mobil. However, for the other 90% of Americans, it has delivered cost inflation exceeding pay increases, resulting in real wage losses. The cost increases in health care and insurance, housing, utility bills, gasoline, and education have all surpassed the wage increases for most over the last 6 years. For millions it has delivered less opportunity when laid off from one employer as more and more of the good paying jobs of the past have been sent overseas, leaving millions of American workers having to rehire into lower paying jobs. Republicans tell us the economy is great under their leadership. Polls show the public isn't buying it.

--Security - For those Americans who are not wearing Republican rose colored glasses, America is less secure today than it was when President Bush took office. It is just unbelievable that 5 years after 9/11, this Republican government has not taken a single concrete step to secure our borders against illegal immigrants who are stealing our jobs and wage increases. But, more unbelievable that 5 years later, terrorist cells still have free access to America across our Southern and Northern borders. Sure, our intelligence community has caught up with a few of them. However, as we all know, for every criminal our enforcement agencies capture, many, many others continue to be be free in their pursuits. Our own government has admitted there are terrorist cells in America.

--Freedom from Government Intrusion - But we are also less secure from illegal acts by our own government. The government's reserving of secrecy for its policing functions opens the doors wide for many kinds of illegal activity by officials from the White House all the way down to local law enforcement. It takes awhile for these kinds of crime to surface, but, they will. And innocent Americans will, in the not too distant future, find their money, their jobs, their reputations, and potentially even their freedom or lives threatened by individuals in law enforcement, who use the new secrecy laws to hide their criminal intentions like, blackmail, and extorsion.

It won't hit most Americans. Just a few at first. And over time, more and more individuals will become prey for the small but growing criminal element in both private and public policing agencies. And it will grow precisely because it will be individuals who lose their freedom from government intrusion, not whole classes, races, or segments of our society. When uncovered, such crimes will make local news, but, not draw the attention of the national media. There will be no uproar, because it didn't happen to the rest of us. So, why should we care? That is precisely the attitude that this criminal element will rely upon to continue to profit from our government's cloak of secrecy.

Many will argue that these predictions are absurd. To which I reply now: More absurd than my predictions in 2003 that civil war in Iraq would be inevitable? More absurd than my prediction in 2004 that the Republican government will double our national debt by the end of Bush's second term? More absurd than my prediction in 2004 that money interests would prevent border security for America?

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