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Politics is all about appearance - forget substance; that comes later, if ever! This last week has seen all manner of political actors mugging for the media attention. Election season is officially open. Following are a number of stories highlighting the mugging for cameras and print news. A few even hold out the promise of substance later on, but, don't hold your breath.

Nedra Pickler reports:

President Bush presided over a citizenship ceremony on Monday for three soldiers injured in Iraq, calling them "men who knew the cost of freedom and were willing to pay that cost so others could live free."

Bush also used his visit to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center to promote his stalled proposal for overhauling the nation's immigration laws.

See the politics? He needs to get his lame duck presidency out of the quickstand which has also mired his immigration reform. For the media, its dead. The way to revive the immigration issue, bring on the wounded soldiers from other countries, make them citizens, and subliminally plant the notion that all immigrants legal and illegal coming across our borders are heroes wanting nothing more than to serve our great nation. Now, that folks, is politics in action and deserving of credit for the brilliance of PT Barnum who knew a sucker was born every minute, and just how to fleece them.

Liz Sidoti writes:

Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, who is considering running for president in 2008, argued on Monday that voters should look beyond the ineffective policies of the Bush administration and embrace the promise that the Democrats offer.

"It seems to me that everybody in the country understands what this administration has done wrong." ...

Arguing that voters "are not interested in the politics of fear and division," Vilsack said, "Given the right leadership, given the right set of values, given the right ideas to create solutions ... we can in fact be the greater nation we were intended to be."

This story takes the prize for the week with its political double talk. Vilsack's argument is: The administration has done so much that is wrong, they are the enemy, but you folks aren't interested in politics of fear and division, so, look past this dark Republican era to a "happily ever after" greater nation we were intended be if Democrats ran the show! Vote for Democrats, not division and fear. Vilsack's comments beg Americans to divide over administration failures in order to unify votes for Democrats by dividing the electorate over the Republicans record, to unify a majority of votes for Democrats. Politics: double the double talk, and it will be clear as a bell in all the confusion that voting for me is the right choice. Way to go Mr. Vilsack. You win the Karl Rove award of the week.

Will Lester writes:

Democrats were lobbied hard by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and organized labor before they picked Nevada as the best bet to energize the party's early presidential voting in 2008.
This one is hilarious. Democrat's are going to ask the public to bet on them in 2008 in Nevada of all places. Nevada as every gambler knows, is where you go to enjoy losing. Apparently Sen. Reid's mind is too pedantic to catch the symbolism of choosing the Las Vegas state to risk Democrat's bet on a presidential election win in 2008. Karl Rove should have a field day with this Democrat decision.

Unfortunately, not all politics is so humorous. Of grave concern for our economic future is an example of how the people and politicians have completely lost control of American taxpayer's money. It is covered in this story by Katherine Shrader:

An independent investigation has found that imprisoned former Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham took advantage of secrecy and badgered congressional aides to help slip items into classified bills that would benefit him and his associates. ...

That means it is up to members of Congress and select aides with security clearances to ensure that legislation is appropriate.

We are dependent upon politicians to ensure that spending is above board and accountable? We are dependent upon a secret government acting in the best interests of the people? We rely on these politicians who promote no bid contracts, and billions of dollars of money transfer from the working class to the wealthiest and most powerful in our country and overseas? These are sad and doomed ironies indeed.

Republicans continue to keep great numbers of millions of Americans believing that Pres. Bush is a man who believes in life, in peace, and in freedom from oppression. Yet, in stark contrast and in the plain light of day truth of the matter, the following story utterly contradicts this view of Pres. Bush. Nedra Pickler writes:

White House officials said President Bush remains opposed to an immediate cease-fire to stop violence in the Middle East, despite personal pleas from ally Saudi Arabia that he help stop the bloodshed.
Why Democrats are not shouting this story from every hilltop across America, is a question that defies a rational answer. This is not just politics, this is real life testament to the core values of our President. Death and destruction of innocents are tools to be used and wielded by the great and powerful in their chess game of strategic positioning centered on the greatest commodity ever to hit markets: OIL.

Dennis Hastert, speaker of the House of Representatives is playing the Not In My Backyard game, on intrusion of privacy. Hastert was all for the decision which said that police don't have to knock before entering a home in order to use whatever they find in the home against its occupant. Hastert backed the invasion of personal phone records of Americans, medical records, financial records of ordinary Americans in the name of pursuing justice and routing out crime and terrorism. But, now the potential to allow the Dept' of Justice to invade his records in his Congressional office has come into play, and suddenly, Hastert is considering a different tune. This Associated Press story writes:

House Speaker Dennis Hastert said Sunday he may challenge a judge's order allowing FBI agents to examine documents seized at a Louisiana congressman's Capitol Hill office in a bribery probe.

Hastert said he believed Rep. William Jefferson, D-La., was "in big trouble" and that the House would not be joining in support of Jefferson himself. But he said the House separately might seek to make clear its position that the Justice Department cannot randomly and wantonly search lawmakers' offices.
But, why not Mr. Speaker? It's OK for the Justice Department to do it to the rest of us.

Stories like these, and these are headlines from just one 24 hour period, move me to ask voters to vote out incumbents and vote for challengers in their primary and general elections this November. These politicians need to know that we, the voters, will hold them accountable for their words and deeds, hypocrisies, and lies, and theft of our hard earned tax dollars for their own nefarious purposes.


Found some good news in todays Wash. Post. Hopefully, this is the start of a trend.

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