Bush: Will of the People is Meaningless

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In the clearest statement yet by the White House that the will of the people is meaningless when it comes to his policies, Tony Snow, the White House spokesperson, said yesterday: "President Bush understands there is growing U.S. concern over his handling of the Iraq war but will not rely on polls to determine when to withdraw troops". Given the House resolution last week to avoid even providing a time frame for withdrawal, it is clear that for the time being the White House and Republican Party are not even considering withdrawal from Iraq at all.

This has been the President's stand on deficits and national debt, immigration, and government spying on citizens, as well. It doesn't matter to him that the people demand fiscal responsibility, secure borders, or freedom from excessive and illegal government intrusion into their personal lives. He understands they want these things but, his agenda backed by a rubber stamping Congress, is all that matters and it will not be deterred by what the people think.

The hypocrisy of the White House rhetoric regarding spreading democracy overseas while ignoring and dismissing the will of the people back home, is unprecedented in America history. The President has achieved maximum power in our government, the Presidency backed by a Congress and Supreme Court of his own party, and nothing will deter him from his agenda and policies now, especially not the will of the people as expressed through the polls.

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