Iraq - US Widening The Civil War

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The U.S. is paving the way for widening civil war in Iraq. The U.S. government is setting up house in Iraq with permanent bases and facilities for itself. The Iraqi people are quite aware of this and oppose it in a huge majority. The new Iraqi government is dependent upon the resources of the U.S., especially financial and infrastructure rebuilding, and as a dependent of the U.S. government, the new Iraq government cannot send the U.S. home.

This puts the Iraq government on a path into the crosshairs of a revolution and widening civil war with its own people within the next 2 years. Iraqi polls show the vast majority of Iraqis, more than 70%, want the U.S. out in the next 6 months to 2 years. (source: WorldPublicOpinion.Org - (PDF) Today, a great majority of the Iraqi people express hope and confidence in their new government. But, an equally large majority want the U.S. occupation to end. There is a day coming when these two dissonant opinions will collide and the Iraqi people will turn on their government which is hosting the U.S. occupation against the people's will.

Polls of Iraqis since 2003 have progressively gone more negative against the U.S. occupation of Iraq, to the point that in 2006, 47% of Iraqis approve of attacks on US-led forces, which includes 41% of Shia, 16% Kurds, and 88% of Sunnis. (ibid) This statistic appears to contradict US stories that the Iraqi people are supporting and aiding our efforts as never before. To the contrary, this statistic would indicate that almost half of Iraqis are unlikely to aid the U.S. forces in seeking out insurgents, and instead, be more inclined to help hide them from the US forces.

Sixty seven percent of Iraqis (ibid) believe their own day to day security will improve with U.S. withdrawal. This is becoming a huge political pressure on the Iraqi government to oust the U.S. However, the Iraqi government officials, themselves targets of kidnappings and murders, are dependent upon U.S. forces for their own safety, and no doubt fear reprisal should quality of life and reconstruction fail to improve after a U.S. departure. These circumstances set the Iraqi government at odds with the will of the people. Can the government still be called a democracy if it refuses the will of the people? It appears clear the Bush administration believes so, as it continues to tout the progress of democracy in Iraq while simultaneously building permanent bases in Iraq in opposition to the will of the Iraqi people.

In light of this week's vote in the U.S. House of Representatives on a resolution to remain in Iraq without a foreseeable date for withdrawal, it appears the GOP is going to back president Bush's play to establish permanent residence in Iraq, regardless of the cost to the new Iraqi democracy, its people, U.S. military losses, or American tax payers. If the American people have a desire to see an end to the U.S. involvement in the growing civil war in Iraq, November's U.S. elections is their opportunity to unseat the party that is intent on staying in Iraq indefinitely, regardless of cost or consequence to the Iraqi or American public.

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