Top Al-Queda in Iraq Killed. Good, but so what?

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Al Qaeda leader in Iraq Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is dead. Others have waited and trained in line to take his place. The only good news about this is: 1) Bush gets to spin it as more 'progress' and 2) our troops get a morale boost since Zarqawi was a primary target in Iraq, and God knows, they needed some some good news.

But, other than this, it changes nothing. Al-Queda is not set up like a snake; cut off the head and the body dies. Not like that at all. And besides, al-Queda is only a very, very small part of the violence taking place in Iraq today. The sectarian violence has a life of its own and the civil war is wosening by the month, whether al-Queda is there or not. They are not interdependent. So, the civil unrest and sectarian violence and al-Queda presence continues on without, the now martyred, Zarqawi.


don't underestimate this!!!!!! We have blown away the head of the hydra with 7 of his aides. Don't look at it pessimistically. We need an optimistic look, leave politics aside. We need a full balanced approach here. Zarqawi Psyops

Brian, thanks for that link. Very informative. Like I said, Zarqawi, in the big scheme of the civil war in Iraq, is just a bit player. His demise changes little to nothing. Of course it is as your link points out, good fodder for the propaganda machine in the CIA conducting pscyops on the American people. Not having much effect on the Iraqi's though.

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