Bush: Border: All Show, No Go

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President Bush's speech tonight will be all show and no go in terms of actually securing our borders. Pentagon officials have already indicated that the National Guard troops will NOT arrest, detain, guard, or interfere with illegal aliens coming across the border. Yes, you heard that right. They will provide secretarial, administrative, surveillance, vehicle maintenance and other kinds of logistical support to the Border Patrol.

This speech tonight ladies and gentlemen, is political ruse, designed to accomplish two things. First, this speech is designed to deceive the public into thinking the President is finally going to do something about securing borders years after 9/11. Second, it is a ploy to try to get Republicans in the Congress to fall back into lockstep behind the President's domestic agenda including his amnesty plan for illegal immigrants. It is a bargaining chip. If the President can take some heat off Republican Congress persons from their constituents by deploying national guard to the border areas, it is hoped the GOP Congress will have some breathing room to back Bush's amnesty plan.

How serious is the President about securing our borders? The call went out to increase the Border Patrol work force two years ago by 2000 personnel. In the President's budget he allocates money for 200 additional agents. Estimates by critics indicate it would take 50,000 persons at the border to secure it with personnel alone: less with a sophisticated fence barrier. But there is nothing in the President's plan for a physical barrier, to date.

The plain fact of the matter is, the President has never been concerned about border security since 9/11 and he still isn't. Since, the President's falling poll numbers prior to 9/11 skyrocketed after 9/11, one has to wonder if the President's lack of action and leadership to secure our borders these years since 9/11/2001, wasn't a vain hope for another attack to help keep his poll numbers up. It is difficult to come up with a rational defense for Bush's total lack of concern for securing our borders against terrorist infiltrators without sounding incredible. However, it is just as incredible to believe that border security was an oversight.

So, for all intents and purposes, the President's boasting in tonight's speech of sending National Guard to our Southern Border is all show, and no go in terms of halting illegal immigrants. Terrorists may use our Northern Border if they are at all intimidated by the President's blusterous speech tonight.

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