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Illegal and legal immigrants are out to stop America's economy today, in as many places as possible. They are boycotting America in the hopes of convincing Congress and the American people that we can't live without them, and we must keep them here and make them all legal. Further, they want Congress to leave our border open for their extended families and friends in Asia, SE Asia, Central America, S. America, Mexico, and the Middle East to come here at their leisure. Will it work?

America is a nation built on immigration. Legal immigration allows processing of immigrants through centers where their histories are taken, physical exams to protect community health are administered, and decisions are made as to whether the immigrants will be a net asset to America or a net liability. This system made America great.

However, illegal immigration has been growing at an alarming rate over the last couple of decades far exceeding law enforcement's resources to manage and halt. Congress and the White House have ignored this problem for so long, that it is now a full-blown crisis requiring large tax dollar expenses one way or another to remedy. This crisis is a result of America's politicians failing to live up to their oath of office to protect and defend the integrity of America which, rests in her Constitution and laws that emanate from it.

But what are politicians going to do? That remains to be seen. But, it is not difficult to see what they should do. Set priorities. We are a nation attacked and invaded by terrorists who wish us harm. This fact has demanded that America secure her borders since September 12, 2001. Yet, our politicians have not seen this as a priority. For there can be no border security when thousands of miles of our borders are open to the rest of the world to enter without detection. The first priority in dealing with terrorists and halting illegal immigration is to erect a barrier along our borders which will be impenetrable to most trying to enter illegally and without detection.

No other measures to halt terrorists or stem the flow of illegal immigration will be successful without such a barrier. Trying to catch up with terrorists and illegals after they have entered, costs American taxpayers far more, and far longer, than simply preventing their entry in the first place. And as we are witnessing in America today, emboldens illegal immigrants to actually publicly demonstrate for rights never granted to them by our laws, defying America and Americans to do anything about it.

So, the first priority must be border barriers, designed to fit the need of the terrain and locale along the border. The second priority is not so forthright - The Guest Worker program. There is nothing inherently wrong with guest worker programs, provided mechanisms are in place for insuring that guest workers comply with the program's regulations and laws. Currently, the U.S. has no mechanism for insuring that guest workers, who come here on temporary visas, leave when their visa expires. Therefore, logic would dictate that the U.S. cannot provide a guest worker program until those mechanisms, if they are even possible, are in place.

Technically, Guest Worker tracking is possible. Surgically implanted tracking devices with an alarm that goes off when the visa expires and gives the guest workers geo-positioning coordinates, would be highly effective, though not 100%. But, the moral and ethical implications of such technology and its implementation would hopefully never pass Congress. Another method, though less effective, would be to install reporting locations. Guest workers would be required to show up at a government site for checking in on a monthly basis. Failure to show up would result in an immediate revocation of their visa and a warrant for their immediate arrest and deportation issued. That would deter many if not a majority of guest workers to comply. However, it raises difficult questions regarding their families and children born here while on guest worker visas.

However, from the voters point of view, it should be politician's responsibility to devise and implement effective control mechanisms for a guest worker program BEFORE such guest worker programs are themselves adopted. Failing that, voters should consider new politicians.

The third priority is what to do with illegals already here. First and foremost, law enforcement must get beefed up in order to enforce the laws already in place regarding the hiring of illegals. Without that step taken, there is no way to bring our country back from the lawlessness for profit climate which illegal immigration has created. Businesses and individuals who hire illegals knowing this is against the law, is a very unhealthy state of affairs for a nation, which is built upon the rule of law. Our justice system is perverted when it prosecutes prostitutes and pot smokers while ignoring the profit motive from illegal immigrant labor which has created a national crisis.

I don't pretend to have the answers for how our government should handle humanely, yet lawfully, the 11 to 20 million illegal immigrants already here, many of whom, are fine upstanding working citizens abiding by our laws in all other respects. My instincts tell me that an attrition program should be installed. First, those illegal immigrants who have jobs or, are child and spouse dependents of those with jobs, and have no criminal record, should be allowed to seek citizenship status. And those illegal immigrants who are detained or questioned by law enforcement for everything from loitering to violent crime, should be deported. Over time, this attrition plan would take care of selecting those who should stay and those who should be deported by the actions of the illegal immigrants themselves.

However, such an attrition plan absolutely depends upon border barriers and security to prevent the attrition plan's avenue for illegals to become citizens from becoming a magnet for ever greater numbers of illegal immigrants flowing across our borders. That is why the border barriers must be priority one!

In the end however, the responsibility for this illegal immigration crisis lies with our politicians in the White House and Congress. They created the problem by not enforcing our immigration laws already on the books. Now it is up to us to demand that they fix this problem they created, or vote for their challenger at election time. If the voters don't care about this crisis, why should politicians? Americans must vote out incumbents who are responsible for ignoring this problem so long. If voters don't, reelected politicians will never come up with tough effective remedies to this growing crisis.

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