Gas Prices fueling Anti-Incumbent Movement

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The Washington Post has an article about the effects of energy prices already fueling anti-incumbent sentiment. And these prices are only going to get worse over the summer.

"This is ridiculous," said Jackie Tarone, a retired homemaker and Bush voter who was filling up a Mercedes SL500. "The oil companies keep giving money to the politicians to keep them in there -- that's the way the system works. It's a shame."

Hard to say if she will vote against her incumbent representative, but, compared to blue collar workers taking the hit at the pump just to keep their low wages coming in, or small business owners struggling to keep their bills paid, I find it hard to feel sympathy with Jackie Tarone as long as she is driving a Mercedes Benz gas guzzler.

And what is a retired homemaker? A person with so much money they no longer have to keep up their home but can afford to hire cheap labor from across the border to do it for them? Or, a divorcee who came into a windfall from the divorce and could afford to retire from cooking and cleaning? I am confused? A retired homemaker in a Mercedes Benz. Hmmm... interesting concept! Only in America.

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