Iraq & Congress: Our Children Will Pay!

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Newsweek's Michael Hirsh wrote an excellent article on preparations to stay in Iraq for 10 years or more. The cost of remaining in Iraq has risen every year since the invasion and 2006 will set another record. Iraq is now costing our national debt 9.8 Billion Dollars per month, and that cost shows no signs of slowing its growth in the future. Iraq could easily cost the U.S. more than WWII or Viet Nam in 2006 dollars if we remain there another 10 years.

Because Congress absolutely refuses to make current voters pay for the war by insisting, with the President, to fund it through emergency appropriations, every single penny being spent in Iraq is added to the national debt for our children and grandchildren to pay for. What will your children think of you and our generation when they are in the work force and realize they are paying higher interest rates and taxes than you ever had to, due to your generation's selfishly made decision to pass this enormous national debt onto their shoulders?

If you vote for an incumbent, that is precisely what you are doing to all of our children's future work lives. The only way Congress is going to take responsibility over our national debt is if we the voters force them to by kicking them out of office until they get the message. As it stands, they are more afraid of losing votes by cutting spending and raising taxes today. That makes the national debt our problem as voters as much as their problem as politicians.

Some fine folks at are working hard and long to change this, and without pay of any kind. If you won't support them with your volunteer time or membership dues, if you won't give up your party team spirit and vote against your incumbent to improve our children's future instead of making it worse, then will you ever honestly be able to say that you tried to make it better for them?

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