Whassup with Iran?

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The Washington Times reports: "Iran has expanded its uranium-conversion facilities in Isfahan and reinforced its Natanz underground uranium-enrichment plant, a U.S. think tank said amid growing speculation about U.S. military action."

Think about think tanks for a minute. Why do they get funding? Do they make their living speaking truth to money and power, or by selling what money and power want to buy? Beware the think tanks.

New York Times reports:: "Iran is working on a P-2 centrifuge, an advanced uranium enrichment machine that could speed development of a nuclear weapon."

Now why is Iran prodding the world to do something interventionist?

Possible answers:

1) The Iranian President has as many screws loose as our own President,
2) he truly believes the world is impotent to do anything as long as the committment in Iraq is ongoing, or
3) he really does want an invasion to occur, uniting Muslims around the world in a way al-Queda could only dream about.

My bet is on 1 and 3, and both are equally nuts if we play into such insanity! No doubt Bush's folks will choose #2 and take it as a challenge to their testosterone levels.

What do you think? Is Iran already becoming a quagmire we are going to be unable to extricate ourselves from?

Will these or any other problems America faces improve if Democrats retake control of the House of Representatives? If not, why vote Republican or Democrat? Unless it is to unseat an incumbent and send a message to them all that "we've had enough and we aren't going to take this crap from politicians anymore!"


Why create enriched urainium before you have an operational nuclear power plant? That does it for me right there.
Raymond B

Raymond, my readings on the subject indicate that it is all about volume. It takes huge quantities of enriched uranium to create fuel rods for nuclear power production, and it will be years before they have sufficient quantities, giving them years to complete a nuclear power plant.

But, that aside, one only has to take Iran's president's own words at face value, he wants to be a major aggressor in the world. So, the issue really isn't what he wants it for. The real issue is will he survive in power long enough to actually acquire access to useable weapons grade nuclear power? We have time, and many things can happen that would preclude ever having to invade Iran and our having to incur the huge costs of fighting another war on a united Iran, Iraq, Syria, Russian front.

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