Illegal immigration now threatens my daughter!

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On May 1st, we are going to see the French demonstrations occur in American streets as millions of illegal immigrants and many citizens take to the streets to shut down business, schools, transportation, services in the name of the Mexican flag which they will brandish proudly. An enormous number of American citizens, many who fought and suffered in our military to protect and defend our borders against hostiles are going to be infuriated by this display of foreign national power on American soil. It remains to be seen if it will become 'bloody Monday', but, the ingredients are there.

Ronald Regan's amnesty was a huge mistake then, because the 3 million illegal aliens then has become quadrupled today to 11 or 12 million, if not 20 million. And politicans from BOTH parties abdicated their first oath to protect and defend these United States against invasions. But, money ruled, the invasion took place, and now demonstrations under the Mexican flag will take place in huge numbers around the United States.

Our politicians create more problems than they solve, and voters to date, have REFUSED to hold them accountable at the polls. I believe some accountability will take place at the polls in November, but, not near enough to "Strike fear of the voters into the hearts of politicians". It's sad and infuriating.

I have a 15 year old daughter in a border state school system. Guess we will have to keep her home on May 1st for her own safety. That is pathetic, wrong, and I am madder than I have ever been about anything political in my entire life. We pay enormous taxes for her school system and many times that for national security, and this selling out of our immigration laws to the highest corporate and business employer bidder for cheap labor now threatens the safety of my daughter in her own school. Not to mention threatening her wage growth and potential employability in our crumbling standards of living as regular working citizens in America.


got 2 kids myself. And I had not thought about this subject in these terms until reading this article. Now, I wish I hadn't read the article. Keep up the good work Remer.

jimmy, I understand completely. I will, I promise.

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