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When was the last time you heard of a Green Party or Libertarian Party threat to federal office? I can't remember myself. Indpendents get a fair amount of media coverage. Kinky Freidman is getting a lot of headlines, but, he is running for Governor. There is an Independent in Congress. But, where are the Libertarians and Greens. Well, here comes the answer.

They are off in the corners of our society fighting with each other with all of the vehemence of the far right and far left of the Democratic and Republican parties. They are so busy trying to one up each other for local races, they can't even hope to put forth a federal candidate for Congress. They prove the old addage, divided they fall.

Now consider for a moment the following scenario. Greens, Libertarians and Independents decide one day, that what keeps them small and unrepresented are their ideological divisions and the obstacles placed in the road by Democrats and Republicans who control the election laws. So, they resolve that until there are 10 Libertarians, 10 Greens, and 10 Independents in the Congress, they are going promote candidates in races that don't compete with each other, and they are going to instruct their constituents all across America to vote for every Green, Libertarian and Independent on the ballot until they have 10 of their own in Congress.

I have considered it for some time now. I estimate that within 3 election cycles of their compact with each other to tear down Republocrat hurdles to their ballot access and election in Congress, they would achieve their 10 representatives each in Congress, and change American politics for decades. I have talked with some of their party leaders about this. It was like talking to my dog. Lots of tale wag but, no comprehension whatsoever.

That was the past. And as we all know the past never looks like the present and won't look like the future. So, what do you say, Libertarians, Greens, and Independents? Can you reach out to your leadership and enlighten them on the immense power of becoming united for a common purpose and cause. Or, are you content to remain divided and inconsequential?

(Contrary to popular misconception, the Kinky one is in the middle of the photo.)

Kinky_Bush_McCain photo


One day, they may come to realize the wisdom Remer gathers up in this article. I just don't think it will be in my lifetime nor before the collapse of our nation's future of prosperity.

Jimmy, thanks for the comment. I of course hope it won't take anywhere near that long. I am hoping just 2 to 3 election cycles, but, we'll just have to work to make it happen, believing it will. Without the work and the belief, IT WON'T HAPPEN, and that is for sure.

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