Year of the Independents?

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The RNC and DNC will be paying far more attention to independents this year than ever before or, they will regret it in a number of key races. These last 5 years have seen a huge growth in Independent voter organizations springing up at the state level, and now there is CUIP, Committee for a Unified Independent Party. Watch Out, they are growing.

CUIP now hosts links to Independent clubs in the following states: Alabama, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachuetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin. Contact links for these organizations can be found here.

With anti-incumbent sentiment growing and greater media recognition of it, combined with the internet's growth of non-traditional party organizations offering choice to disaffected eligible voters, trouble is ahead for RNC and DNC prognosticators. There biggest fear is these organization's potential ability to register and motivate voters to the polls on Nov. 7. This throng of Americans who very likely did not vote in previous elections, failing to see a viable choice on the ballot won't show up in DNC and RNC models for predicting the elections. But, these organizations are beginning to awaken to the potential power of cooperative efforts to mobilize non-Democrat or Republican voters.

The traditional thinking was that these organizations all promote different candidates and agendas, and therefore are powerless. That's why they don't show up in RNC and DNC models. But, as they unite and cooperate around the common goal of voting for challengers, independent if available, or of any other party if not, in order to flex their muscle to unseat incumbents, they can become a serious power broker in American politics. The Libertarian and Green Parties don't yet get it, and are still bogged down in their own version of partisanship hatred of each other, much like Democrats and Republicans. But, the Independents are getting it, and are putting aside their political differences to create a fist on election day to punch through the incumbency power hold on office of Democrats and Republicans.

It is difficult to say what impact they will have on this year's elections, but, one thing is clear, their 2008 impact will be greater as they organize and cooperate toward their common purpose. A united anti-Republocrat effort is the DNC and RNC's worst nightmare, whether they recognize it or not. Not because of one election's impact, but, because of the fact that if Independents are successful in confounding predicted election results once, they will become unstoppable with their new sense of power in following election cycles.

Powerless has been their history. Powerful is their future goal, and cooperation amongst themselves and other 3rd parties constitute the bridge between past and future. Eligible non-voters in previous elections outnumbered all voters voting for Democrats or Republicans nationwide. That is a huge untapped source of power, and the Independents intend to tap that resource. If they are successful in securing a cooperative handshake with the Green and Libertarian Parties in 2008, the shake up on election day will be historic. And the following January could see unprecedented numbers of incumbents packing up to look for another job.

For those of you who want to hasten their progress, contact your 3rd party and explain to them why they need to get on board. And for those not associated with a 3rd party and can no longer lend support to the Republocrats, join an independent voters club or organization in your area, or create one if need be. Most countys in the U.S. have lists of Independent voters in their jurisdiction. Obtain the list and start calling. You can have an Independent voters organization growing in your district in no time. And you may be shocked by how many there are.

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