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The Washington Post has an article about the effects of energy prices already fueling anti-incumbent sentiment. And these prices are only going to get worse over the summer.

Newsweek's Michael Hirsh wrote an excellent article on preparations to stay in Iraq for 10 years or more. The cost of remaining in Iraq has risen every year since the invasion and 2006 will set another record. Iraq is now costing our national debt 9.8 Billion Dollars per month, and that cost shows no signs of slowing its growth in the future. Iraq could easily cost the U.S. more than WWII or Viet Nam in 2006 dollars if we remain there another 10 years.

Credit Where Due

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Praiseworthy stories of the week. The Bush Administration's work with the Chinese. Sen. Edward Kennedy's unpopular vote at the time, to NOT invade Iraq. The U.S. records the largest drop in annual deaths in at least 60 years. Some planners of the May 1 immigration demonstrations are reconsidering. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke speaks the truth about a popular Republican myth that tax cuts pay for themselves.

Whassup with Iran?

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The Washington Times reports: "Iran has expanded its uranium-conversion facilities in Isfahan and reinforced its Natanz underground uranium-enrichment plant, a U.S. think tank said amid growing speculation about U.S. military action."

Think about think tanks for a minute. Why do they get funding? Do they make their living speaking truth to money and power, or by selling what money and power want to buy? Beware the think tanks.

David Walker, U.S. Comptroller, gave a speech recently which was re-aired on C-Span this evening. It was the most important speech made in the last 5 years and will remain the most important speech for America's future for decades. America is on a path to depression and bankruptcy, and the politicians to date, refuse to act to prevent it. The essence of his message was simple. America must make radical changes today to its future financial situation if it is to have an economic future with quality and dignity for its citizens.

When was the last time you heard of a Green Party or Libertarian Party threat to federal office? I can't remember myself. Indpendents get a fair amount of media coverage. Kinky Freidman is getting a lot of headlines, but, he is running for Governor. There is an Independent in Congress. But, where are the Libertarians and Greens. Well, here comes the answer.

On May 1st, we are going to see the French demonstrations occur in American streets as millions of illegal immigrants and many citizens take to the streets to shut down business, schools, transportation, services in the name of the Mexican flag which they will brandish proudly. An enormous number of American citizens, many who fought and suffered in our military to protect and defend our borders against hostiles are going to be infuriated by this display of foreign national power on American soil. It remains to be seen if it will become 'bloody Monday', but, the ingredients are there.

I just heard Chris Matthews report on the Scarborough Show on MSNBC, that Rep. Tom DeLay will announce tomorrow that he will not seek reelection in November. The poll numbers no longer give him a 50-50 chance given the trials he will be going through between now and then.

This is a victory for the anti-incumbent sentiment that is growing across the country and being reflected in poll after poll. The folks over at Vote Out Incumbents for Democracy should be dancing a jig tomorrow, as their organization is all about forcing inept, corrupt, and irresponsible incumbents out of office. As a member of that organization, I see this as a small victory for the movement they represent.

The RNC and DNC will be paying far more attention to independents this year than ever before or, they will regret it in a number of key races. These last 5 years have seen a huge growth in Independent voter organizations springing up at the state level, and now there is CUIP, Committee for a Unified Independent Party. Watch Out, they are growing.


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