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Independent: World News reports:

Los Angeles witnessed the biggest public protest in its history over the weekend as hundreds of thousands of peaceful demonstrators of all races thronged the downtown streets to demand justice and legal recognition for the country's 12 million undocumented immigrant workers.

I stand very much opposed to the demonstrator's cause. But, it is joyous and uplifting for me to see that large, fairly spontaneous political demonstrations like this can occur peacefully in America at long last. We have come a long way from the days of Kent State, and the Watts riots. This is the kind of story that makes me immensely proud to be an American. I tip my hat to the demonstrators and the leadership of the LA police and sheriff's departments in this regard.

Another story of immense impact economically and politically arose today as well. I am proud of America for her ability to develop stories like this, but, what we do with it is full of pitfalls. Independent: World News reports:

A single injection of a new type of drug could cut cholesterol levels by two thirds and significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and blocked arteries, a study has found.
The economic questions arising from this news story are staggering. Who will pay for making the drug available to a quarter of our population? Can we afford to have so many live for so much longer? Should the poor do without? Will fast food restaurants skyrocket once the drug is freely available? Will obesity increase as a result? This is a huge, huge story economically and politically. But we Americans are blessed to live in a country with the ability to create such difficult choices, afterall. The opposite is being born in Ethiopia and starving your entire 12 years of life before dying of malnutrition or dysentary.

We should remember how blessed we are to be Americans. And conduct ourselves in ways that foster pride and dignity.

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