What is a Billion?

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Republicans who have increased our national debt with their deficit spending by 50% to date, are going to vote to raise the debt limit ceiling another $781 Billion Dollars. Some, if not many, Democrats are going to vote right along with them. 781 Billion dollars. Big number: but, most folks don't appreciate how big.

So how big is one billion? Well, 1 Billion seconds ago, the War in Viet Nam was ending in 1975.

781 billion seconds ago would put us back to 6,585 B.C., pretty much the dawn of civilization.

1 Billion hours ago puts us back more than 114 thousand years.

781 Billion hours ago puts us back 89 million, 94 thousand years. Humanoids did not even exist yet, and dinosaurs ruled the world.

781 billion dollars amounts to a tax debt on the next generation of $2,620 dollars per person assuming a population of 298 million. And this is just the deficit for the coming fiscal year!

Now if this contextual concept of next year's 781 billion dollar budget deficit does not boggle the mind, consider that the National Debt will increase to 9 TRILLION dollars with this deficit. That is 9,000 Billion dollars.

A $9 Trillion national debt amounts to a $60,000 tax debt for every American in the work force. Having a baby born this year? That baby will face a tax debt well over that $60,000 by the time they enter the work force. And that debt obligation does not include the taxes your child will have to pay each year just for interest on that debt and the cost of operating government in each year of her work life.

While the national debt over the last 5 years has grown so dramatically, wage growth has only grown half that amount. Americans through their government, are currently doubling their debt over their earnings under this Republican ruled Congress and President.

Some argue the President is not responsible for Congress' irresponsible purse strings. But, the appropriate retort is: this President has yet to submit a balanced budget to Congress and has yet to veto a single dollar of spending. The GOP Congress and Republican President are proving to be the most dangerous political combination to threaten America's economic future since the last Great Depression in the early 20th century.

This is the most egregious violation of the Republican promise to not pass our generation's problems on to the next generation. These incumbents in Washington D.C. are completely out of control when it comes to spending our tax dollars and wrecking our children's future earnings. Common Cause and Vote Out Incumbents for Democracy are trying to do their part to bring disappointed Americans back to the ballot box in November to vote these lying hypocrites out of office. Join them, support them, and help take this government back to the people by killing political careers that foster this kind of dereliction of duty in government.

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