Next War Makes Iraq Piece of Cake

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Pres. Bush has drawn the line in the sand with Iran. But, whether he realizes it or not, the line is drawn far wider than most people think. Iran has reached out to Syria, Syria to Iran, and now, Iraq is making overtures to Iran. Engaging Iran will likely result in a simultaneously war with Iran, Iraq, and Syria, with coordination between Iran and Syria and many in Iraq. Iran sits on the Eastern border of Iraq, and Syria on the Western border.

One has to thread the stories of the past week together, but, when knitted, they paint a scenario of death for 100's of thousands with unpredictable global ramifications. The BBC reports of Iranian Revolutionary Guard already aiding efforts against the U.S. in Iraq. It is safe to assume they are involved in Iraq by invitation of forces allied against the U.S. occupation.

Arabic News reports on Feb. 22: Iran's First Vice-President Parviz Davoudi left Tehran for Damascus, Syria, Wednesday morning for an official three-day visit. "Iran attaches special importance to its political, economic and cultural relations with Syria. The two sides have always desired to expand their relations," he said.

So, as Pentagon officials draw up plans for devastating bombing raids backed by submarine-launched ballistic missile attacks against Iran's nuclear sites as a "last resort" to block Teheran's efforts to develop an atomic bomb, Iran, forces within Iraq, and Syria, are also planning to inflict as much retalliatory harm upon the U.S. and its allies in the region as possible.

What started out to be a domino plan for peace and democracy in the Middle East, is rapidly escalating toward an all out Middle Eastern war and chaos which could divide the world along religious lines. The ramifications of such a divided world obviously must include the potential for WWIII. Let's not forget that Pakistan, a Muslim nation with a large population of fundamentalists and nuclear weapons atop ballistic missiles already, is only one bullet away from seeing those nuclear weapons fall into the hands of al-Queda and Taliban backed forces.

While nation's political heads are motivated in part by economic concerns, religious idealists are not, and will not be deterred by economic sanctions or consequences. In all liklihood, negative economic consequences will be used to fuel the war effort's recruitments. The potential for toppling of Western allied regimes in places like Indonesia, the Phillipines, a number of African nations in the event of a global religious war, is very real.

Is it even possible anymore for history to look back on this period and come to any other conclusion other than Pres. Bush sowed the seeds for global unrest in his rush to war in Iraq after 9/11 and his incompetence in conducting that war? Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 devastation in the U.S. It certainly appears as though the consequences of invading Iraq have already outweighed the decision to invade, and the consequential stakes for this action continue to mount ever higher.

Iran is going to make the argument, and not without merit, at some point, that the U.S. invasion of Iraq, necessitated Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons. And let's make no mistake here, Iran will reward its allies with the nuclear technology it develops or purchases. The U.S. has much broader support for halting Iran's nuclear development program than it had for invading Iraq. But, as our allies begin to piece this picture of an escalation toward global religious war together, will they be so willing to follow Bush's lead? That is the million dollar question.

The U.S. simply lacks the military manpower to fight Iran, Iraq, and Syria simultaneously. America's own borders are not secure, which could result in the U.S. trying defend itself at home against increasing attacks concurrently with the broadened Middle East war. Reinstating the draft would become inevitable to attain the manpower necessary. Would the American people accede to such a draft to fight a "religious" and culture war in the Middle East?

Will the world allow such a scenario to play out? Will you allow your representatives to promote such a scenario? There is afterall a very clear point of no return to this scenario. It is a U.S. led preemptory strike against Iran. Will you permit your representatives to pursue that course of action, knowing what may follow? The time to prevent war is NOT after it has begun.

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