Palestinians to Join American Welfare Rolls

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Reuter's reports:"It serves key U.S. national interests to continue providing humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people but Washington will not give any financial help to a Hamas-led government, a senior U.S. official said on Thursday."

This is a classic Bush administration idiocy move. He is going to put the Palestinians on the American welfare system in order to spite the democratically elected government, which these new welfare recipients voted in. Any tax payers out there have an objection to our government taking care of Palestinians instead of the Hamas government taking care of them? I raise my hand!!! Bush wins yet another idiocy award. I mean, what part of the 900 Billion Dollar deficit for 2006 does he not understand?


This is a tough deal. However, ifthe money gets into the wrong hands it would be like state funded terrorism. On the other hand we are depriving people who need the aide. Tough choice here.
Raymond B

Raymond, yes it is. There simply aren't any easy choices when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian struggle, or the Middle East. There are though better and worse choices for Americans based on American needs and America's future. We cannot tame the world in the next decade, therefore it is the height of folly to send money overseas before we have secured our borders. The appropriate priorities are utterly lacking in Wa. D.C. these days. I think the American voters are beginning to wake up to this fact.

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