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Cecelia Munoz, VP of LaRaza was a guest on C-span's Washington Journal this morning speaking of the immigration policies being shaped in Congress as we speak. She said the Guest Worker program is not an amnesty program, but a work program for illegal immigrants to obtain citizenship status through a legal process. This is exactly the same as saying America can get rid of thieves in the country by legalizing stealing.

American Pride

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Independent: World News reports:

Los Angeles witnessed the biggest public protest in its history over the weekend as hundreds of thousands of peaceful demonstrators of all races thronged the downtown streets to demand justice and legal recognition for the country's 12 million undocumented immigrant workers.

David Jackson of USA Today covers Pres. Bush's new Iraq war strategy. Not the strategy in Iraq, which is just more of the same. But, the strategy to P.T. Barnum the war to the rest of the world, especially the American public. Jackson states: "President Bush sought Monday to emphasize progress over disillusionment after three years in Iraq." Oh, yes, in 10 or 15 years, Iraq may become stable and somewhat peacefully Democratic while remaining a nation intact. But, at what cost to us and them, Mr. President?

You may have thought the November elections would be about Democrats trying to unseat Republicans for a majority in the House or Senate. But, that could turn out to be only the side story. The elections this fall, according to the media and polls, are shaping up to be a battle between district gerrymandering and anti-incumbent sentiment. The gerrymandering was supposed to insure incumbents reelection. But, the polls show an ever growing anti-incumbent sentiment toward Republicans and Democrats.

What is a Billion?

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Republicans who have increased our national debt with their deficit spending by 50% to date, are going to vote to raise the debt limit ceiling another $781 Billion Dollars. Some, if not many, Democrats are going to vote right along with them. 781 Billion dollars. Big number: but, most folks don't appreciate how big.

So how big is one billion? Well, 1 Billion seconds ago, the War in Viet Nam was ending in 1975.

781 billion seconds ago would put us back to 6,585 B.C., pretty much the dawn of civilization.

Pres. Bush has drawn the line in the sand with Iran. But, whether he realizes it or not, the line is drawn far wider than most people think. Iran has reached out to Syria, Syria to Iran, and now, Iraq is making overtures to Iran. Engaging Iran will likely result in a simultaneously war with Iran, Iraq, and Syria, with coordination between Iran and Syria and many in Iraq. Iran sits on the Eastern border of Iraq, and Syria on the Western border.

Politicians know it, but, they don't appear to want you to. Millions of poor and retired Americans have been losing their homes due to market fluctuations pricing their property taxes out of their reach, over recent years. Property tax valuation has zoomed past the national inflation rate due to developer hyperinflation (as much as 1000% markup) and rural development expansion. This is important because retiree's income is cost of living adjusted in many cases.

Reuter's reports:"It serves key U.S. national interests to continue providing humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people but Washington will not give any financial help to a Hamas-led government, a senior U.S. official said on Thursday."

This is a classic Bush administration idiocy move. He is going to put the Palestinians on the American welfare system in order to spite the democratically elected government, which these new welfare recipients voted in. Any tax payers out there have an objection to our government taking care of Palestinians instead of the Hamas government taking care of them? I raise my hand!!! Bush wins yet another idiocy award. I mean, what part of the 900 Billion Dollar deficit for 2006 does he not understand?


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