VP Shooting, What is missing?

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There are two things missing from the discussion and investigation of VP Cheney's shooting incident. First is the investigation. The second is the question of what process of law would have taken place had Cheney been the one accidentally shot?

The Investigation:
There was none. Cheney and his hosts effectively altered the crime scene by delaying the investigation for 24 hours, thus removing the possibility of a breathalizer test. The grasses in which this event took place were trampled and altered by everyone from the CIA and rescue services and who knows who else. I have spent many vacations down in and around Corpus Christi Texas, not far from where this happened. We have been in a drought for a very long time, and the grasses down there are no where near as tall as the man Cheney shot.

If the vicitm was wearing bright orange and standing erect, which accounts indicate, there is no way a sober person could not have caught sight of that orange in their peripheral vision as they were drawing down the bead on the bird. A person intoxicated by alcohol and medications however, could easily have failed to respond in time to the orange in their peripheral vision, and pulled the trigger before mentally recognizing what their eyes saw. Same slowed response that occurs when drunk drivers see danger in the road, but, fail to respond in time to avert the accident due to their impairment.

If Cheney had been shot:
This is the big question that only Chris Matthews of Hardball on MSNBC has been willing to explore. If Cheney had been the one shot, the CIA would have detained the shooter immediately. A thorough preservation of the scene would have taken place, the White House would have been notified immediately, as would the state and local authorities, statements would have been taken from all present, and a breathalizer test surely would have been administered. So, what does this mean? It means there is one set of laws and due process for the elite, and another for the rest of us poor jamokes.

So much for the rule of law and not men, as well as one law enforcement set of procedures for the powerful, and another for the rest of us. I tip my hat to Matthews for putting his finger on the real problem with the way this was handled.

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